Coronavirus: New study exploring connection between COVID-19 and diabetes

New study is exploring the connection between diabetes and the coronavirus

BOSTON — Diabetes is an increased risk factor for contracting COVID-19, and now the Boston-based nonprofit T1D Exchange is conducting a large-scale study to find out why. The organization quickly organized a study at the start of the outbreak and now is compiling data from 50 medical centers.

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T1D Exchange CEO David Walton tells Boston’s WFXT that the goal is to determine the prevalence, presentation and progression of the virus in Type 1 diabetes patients.

“We really want to understand those symptoms, how frequent is it, if someone has good blood sugar control, do they have no added risk of contracting it, and that is the prevailing wisdom at this point,” Walton said.

“For Type 1 patients with blood sugars not controlled, we're seeing more adverse outcomes in that group,” added T1D Exchange Vice-President and principal investigator Dr. Osagie Ebekozien.

Ebekozien expects to release the first results from the study by the end of April.

For more information on the T1D Exchange study, visit the website here.

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Stock photo of a woman testing her blood sugar.
Stock photo of a woman testing her blood sugar. (Clementa Moreno / EyeEm Premium / Getty Images)