Couple moves wedding to nursing home so mother can see it

Couple moves wedding to nursing home so grandmother can watch

ROCKVILLE CENTRE, N.Y. — The coronavirus pandemic has made many families miss milestone celebrations or at least attend them virtually.

But a couple in Pennsylvania decided that the mother of the bride needed to see the ceremony in person.

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Louisa Mattera and David Urban packed up their wedding and held it in Rockville, New York, WCBS reported.

The couple is originally from Queens, New York, News 12 the Bronx reported.

Mattera’s mother, Ann O’Brien, is a resident at Rockville Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center.

The couple exchanged vows under the watchful eye of the mother of the bride, who sat behind glass. The new family were also able to have photos taken together to remember the day.

The couple plan to have a bigger wedding next October, News 12 reported.

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