Family found: Former coworkers, friends find out they’re sisters

Two former coworkers in Connecticut have found out they’re more than just friends, they’re sisters.

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Casandra Madison and Julia Tinetti worked together at the Russian Lady Bar in New Haven, Connecticut, WTIC reported.

They became close friends, getting together after work, they told “Good Morning America.

But eventually, Madison moved to Virginia while Tinetti stayed in Connecticut. Instead of drifting apart, they stayed friends on Facebook.

One day Tinetti noticed that Madison had a tattoo of the Dominican Republic on her arm. They both came to the realization that they had been adopted from the same country.

Then others took notice of how similar the two women were, surmising that they could be long-lost sisters.

Tinetti was born in 1989. Madison was born in 1988, “Good Morning America” reported.

They would joke and pretend to be sisters, but one day the joke became real.

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Madison took a DNA test to look for her family in the Dominican Republic, connecting with them in 2018.

At one point her father told her that she had a sister who had been given up for adoption.

Madison then started thinking that maybe Tinetti was her biological sister.

Adoption papers showed a potential match as cousins, WTIC reported., as the two sets of papers had different mothers listed, “Good Morning America” reported.

Another DNA test showed that the two women were biological sisters.

Julia and I met in 2013 working at Russian Lady in New Haven, CT. Julia notices the Dominican flag on my arm and makes a...

Posted by Cassandra Raquel Madison on Thursday, January 28, 2021

A childhood friend of Tinetti’s living in Connecticut was also adopted from the same area at the same time, and their mothers were friends. They believe that the mothers’ information was mixed up, “Good Morning America” reported.

Tinetti said she’s met her family via FaceTime but hasn’t made the jump to visit them in person, but when she does, her sister will be there, they told WTIC.