Hundreds of dead birds washed up on island in Massachusetts

TISBURY, Mass. — Hundreds of dead birds washed up on an island in Massachusetts and animal control issued a warning to residents.

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According to the Associated Press, hundreds of dead birds have washed up on Martha’s Vineyard, due to a contagious strain of avian flu, according to the Tisbury Animal Control.

The TAC posted a warning on social media to make residents aware of the possibility of avian flu and how dangerous the dead birds are to the island, according to the AP.

According to WFXT, the strain of the possible avian flu may be new and it has been sent over to the Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife for testing. WFXT said if any residents are in the area to not touch any of the birds and to keep dogs on their leashes. If you see any dead birds, contact animal control.

The AP said the new strain could become a major issue for the area and it could take years to recover from.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said, according to the AP, that people are at low risk for this type of avian flu.

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