Kid gets stuck in antique wooden barrel, cut from vessel after X-rayed

SUMNER COUNTY, Tenn. — It could have been a good hide-and-seek spot, but a 2-year-old boy ended up having to go to a Tennessee emergency room after he got stuck in his grandparents’ antique barrel.

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Dorian Strubing was visiting his grandparents over the weekend and climbed into the wooden barrel, but he couldn’t get out. All that was sticking out of the top was the boy’s head, shoulders and arms as the rest of him was crammed in the container, WKRN reported.

His mom, Kelly Strubing, told People magazine, “When I saw him in the barrel I figured we could help him stand up to get out. We quickly realized he was wedged in. Because of the position of his hips and knees, he was wedged when he tried to straighten.”

They tried to pull him out but he couldn’t budge so they rushed him to an area emergency room to see exactly how he was jammed inside and where they could safely cut to get him out.

Firefighters, emergency medical workers and hospital staff used a power saw to cut a hole in the bottom of the barrel as his father braced it and kept Dorian calm. Once the hole was cut, Dorian could stretch his legs and his mother, who is 30-weeks pregnant with twins, pulled him out of the top, People magazine reported.

Dorian wasn’t hurt and even got an orange popsicle to end, what his mother said, was his first trip to the emergency room, WKRN reported.