• UNC Charlotte officers train breaching doors in emergency situations

    By: Stephanie Tinoco


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Eyewitness News was the only crew inside the University of North Carolina Charlotte as patrol officers trained how to efficiently breach doors for emergency situations. 

    UNCC Chief of Police, Jeffrey Baker, said the opportunity doesn't come often but with school being out they're taking advantage of the time to train. 

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    "The tragedy that occurred at Virginia Tech, you saw the perpetrator actually chain interior doors so breaching doors and practicing of breaching doors is really important," Baker said. 

    Every patrol car on campus is equipped with breaching kits that are used for rapid deployment. 

    Students at UNCC are thankful officers are equipping themselves with the training. UNCC Student Jennifer Helms said it made her feel safe. 

    "It makes me feel safe they're taking the practice into consideration," Helms said. "They did email us beforehand letting us know they will be training in case we saw that we wouldn't be terrified." 

    Chief Baker said seconds are valuable when responding to possible active shooter situations. The tools and training are vital. 

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    "It's sad we have to do this in some ways but it's also important that we understand the importance of safety and security for our university," Baker said.

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