• Update: Union Co. mobile classroom idea not dead yet

    By: Tina Terry


    UNION COUNTY - There were new developments Wednesday in a plan to shuffle thousands of students across Union County. 

    Tuesday night Eyewitness News told you school board members rejected the $3 million to pay for mobile classrooms and avoid redistricting.  However, Wednesday some leaders said the plan isn't off the table yet.

    "I don't think this is dead in the water, I'm hopeful," said Marce Savage, Union County School Board member.

    Two weeks ago county commissioners wrote a letter to the school board offering the $3 million to help the district pay for 49 new mobile classrooms. Savage says at the meeting Tuesday night the board attorney was concerned that commissioners would deduct the $3 million from a $91 million court settlement between the commission and the district.

    "If that money is tied to it we can't take from it, because that's money that's needed for capital expenses for building repair, and we thought this money was free and clear," said Savage.

    After last night's vote, Commission Chairman Frank Aikmus took to Facebook, saying, "There are no strings attached" to the money.  Wednesday vice chairman of the commission Jerry Simpson said board members should have communicated with them well before the vote last night.

    "They had two weeks, if there were concerns about strings being attached there is no relation to the 91 million settlement and the $3 million," Simpson said.

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    Update: Union Co. mobile classroom idea not dead yet

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