Barber lies on floor to cut hair of child with autism

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YOUYN-NORANDA, Quebec — He’s covered with tattoos. He has a bushy beard and mustache. And he has the biggest heart around.

Franz Jakob’s story has gone viral after a photo of him giving a haircut to a child took social media by storm.

Mon barbier Franz Jakob de Rouyn-Noranda qui s'adapte à sa clientèle et qui coupe les cheveux à ce petit garçon autiste...

Posted by Marcel Robitaille on Friday, September 29, 2017

Jakob was seen lying down on the floor, giving Wyatt Lafreniere a haircut. Wyatt has autism and his mother told ABC News that "He doesn't like his hair to be touched and a lot of sounds are aggressive for him."

Jakob had cut Wyatt's hair before, telling CBC that, "I understood that with Wyatt I have to follow him around the salon with my tools to finish the cut."

This time, finishing the cut meant putting a mirror in front of Wyatt on the floor and Jakob sprawling out behind the boy, finishing the trim.

Wyatt isn't the only customer with special needs at, Authentischen Barbier, Jakob's old-fashioned shop.

He has many clients who are children with special needs. He also serves terminally ill customers and doesn't charge them, ABC News reported.

"When you shave someone who is probably going to die within 48 hours ... it's indescribable," Jakob told CBC.

He schedules the special cuts at the end of the day so there's no push to get the next person into the chair and he can take the time he needs, ABC News reported.

Wyatt usually has a 90-minute appointment that starts with the two either playing a game or eating candy.