• We did it!


    Hi, I’m Sara. This past weekend I participated in my third Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, and no matter how many times I’ll do this event, I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it.  Over the course of two days, more than 80,000 steps, and about that same number of calories consumed, one emotion remained constant: gratitude.  So with this, my final blog for the 2013 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, it seems only appropriate to say THANK YOU.    

    THANK YOU to Team 9/64 for welcoming me and being so energetic about the event for so many months of preparation and finally the event weekend!

    THANK YOU to the many friends, family members and colleagues who made donations to this event and helped our team raise almost $40,000 to help fund breast cancer research and treatment.

    THANK YOU to incredible volunteers who brought their creativity and energy to the walker rest stops, from Duck Dynasty to 80s themed tents! 

    THANK YOU to the volunteers and staff members who ensured all walkers had plenty of healthy food (especially those awesome graham cracker sandwiches!) and stayed hydrated. 

    THANK YOU to the kind, caring and expert medical staff that cared for blistered feet, sore muscles and much worse! 

    THANK YOU to the rock star motorcycle patrol and police officers who helped direct us across busy intersections and gave hive-fives of encouragement. 

    THANK YOU to the crew members that set up countless tents and ensured everyone’s gear made it to the Wellness Village.

    THANK YOU to the sweep vehicles and cyclists who provided moral support and helped keep everyone safe along the 39.3 mile route.  

    THANK YOU to all the friends, family members and supporters who came out to the route and cheered us on, even in 29 degree weather on Saturday before sunrise! 

    THANK YOU to the Youth Crew, which was probably the most inspiring and energetic of all—the steps were definitely easier when we could hear their cheering for blocks before we even saw them!

    THANK YOU to the more than 800 participants who were “in it to end it” despite the frigid temperatures at the beginning of  the weekend. It was both humbling and exhilarating to be part of this visible movement and make an impact.

    I’m grateful to be healthy and able to walk 39.3 miles, to have had the opportunity to reduce my risk of getting breast cancer by over 90%, and to see the rates of mortality from breast cancer dropping.  I hope that my children will not experience the same losses that I have as a result of breast cancer. 

    I’m grateful to organizations like Avon for doing something so powerful and positive in the face of this disease.  The more of us who walk, the more of us survive!!!!!!!