• 'Weekly Watercooler' - Super Bowl Edition

    By: Jason Rice , web producer



    Super Bowl Sunday is one of the greatest American celebrations of the year and with all the hoopla surrounding the BIG GAME there are some people who just tune in for the commercials.

    Big name companies will have to empty their pockets in 2010 because it will cost advertisers $2.6 million for a 30-second spot this year on Super Sunday.

    This year's crop of commercials features Danica Patrick in a sexy spot, Brett Favre still playing football at 50-years-old and Tim Tebow in a controversial pro-life ad.

    Here's two of the best that you will see this Sunday -- the first featuring Steelers' Troy Polamalu as Punxsutawney Polamalu and the second staring the ageless wonder Favre.

    Preview more of this year's commercials RIGHT HERE and Bleacher Report takes a look at the 10 worst Super Bowl commercials of all-time RIGHT HERE!


    If you are still deciding what should be on the menu for your Super Bowl party this Sunday then you can stop worrying now ... you only need one thing ...

    Break.com presents the Taj Mahal of snack food creations with 'The Big Game Snack Food Stadium'.

    This munchie monument is loaded with every football fans' favorite gameday snacks -- all the way from the parking lot to the field -- READ

    The instant heart attack is highlighted with a butter frosting field, candy coated end zones and even Twinkie and Ho-Ho tailgating buses in the parking lot!

    The colossal party platter is a Cardiologists' nightmare ringing it with 110,428 calories!

    If the snack stadium is not for you -- get some other ideas for your Super Bowl menu RIGHT HERE.


    For every wardrobe malfunction there has been some equally painful attempts at counter-programming during the half at the Super Bowl.

    Networks have done everything they can to get viewers to switch over to their stations during halftime and Esquire.com breaks down the most memorable attempts over the last 30 years -- READ.

    You may remember one of the first in the late 1980's with Budweiser's stop-motion bottles battling it out on the gridiron in the infamous 'Bud Bowl'.

    And certainly you won't forget MTV's disastrous claymation celebrity figures doing battle in 'Celebrity Deathmatch Deathbowl' and also Fear Factor's attempt to lure guys away from the game with it's 'Fear Factor Playmates Editon'.

    On the other hand, there has been some great ones including some that are still going strong -- Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl and of course, how could we not mention, the "Lingerie Bowl".

    Attention 18 - 34 year old males:


    You probably are wondering what you are going to do on the weekends after the football season concludes on Sunday after the BIG GAME.

    Well Ross Bergen of Massachusetts has a great idea for you -- build a backyard ice hockey rink.


    That's right! Bergen builds the 50-feet-by-30-feet ice rink in his backyard every year for him and his buddies to play hockey on.

    Check out his amazing time lapse video of the resurrection of the rink set to Coldplay's 'Clocks.'


    This has nothing to do with the Super Bowl but if you are looking for a great Valentine's gift for your honey ... then you need to keep looking.

    There are no words to describe this next product, other than it's by far the world's stupidest invention.

    It even beats the snuggie by a landslide.

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