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    Conan O'Brien has taken his bitterness towards NBC to a new level after being ousted from 'The Tonights Show' in favor of his arch rival Jay Leno.

    Conan is getting $45 million (READ) from the network as he leaves ... so you can't feel too bad for him.

    Rumor has it that Friday will be his final show as host of 'The Tonight Show' with Tom Hanks and Will Ferrell to appear as guests. You might want to tune in for that one.

    Conan vowed that until they pull him off the air, he will introduce a new bit every night ... not so much funny ... but very expensive!

    On Wednesday night's show Conan unveiled the show's newest character -- a Bugatti Veyron -- dressed as a mouse and while playing an original recording of Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" as the mouse's theme song!

    Total price tag for NBC -- $1.5 million!

    Watch the hilarity below:


    Whether it's truly to improve her looks or simply for publicity, Heidi Montag is "beyond obsessed" with plastic sugery.

    Montag, just 23-years-old, recently unveiled her new body and face ... the only problem is - she is unable to move her face and speak normally.

    In her quest for "perfection", the star of 'The Hills' underwent 10 procedures in one day.

    But now, Heidi has trouble talking and moving her face other than cracking a small, painful smile and a slight blinking of her eyes.

    The scariest part of this is that Heidi said she nearly died from all the surgeries.

    "I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did," she told Access Hollywood's Billy Bush. "My breathing was five breaths per minute, which is like almost dead."

    I feel pretty plastic," she said. "It's still hard for me to chew sometimes and I have to speak very quietly because my jaw and everything--I'm still readjusting to talking."

    At this rate, Heidi is only a couple surgeries away from a stint on Brett Michaels' reality show 'Rock Of Love'!

    Watch Plastic-woman in action below:


    There is a YouTube video that is quickly rising up the charts this week of Olympic gold-medal gymnast Shawn Johnson doing a backflip over a speeding bobsled.

    The video is part of a promotion for the 2010 Winter Olympics and shows Olympic speedskater Apolo Ohno challenge Johnson to complete the stunt, which she does.

    Do you think the video is real?


    Urban Dictionary defines a 'Cougar' as "a 35+ year old female who is on the "hunt" for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male."

    A New Zealand group called Grabaseat put together this 'Animal Planet' style video of the mating rituals of a cougar.

    The mysteries of their mating habits has been finally revealed.

    Somewhere Demi Moore is smiling.



    Like I told you in LAST WEEK'S WATERCOOLER, I don't watch American Idol and I try to avoid it as much as possible ... but when I see clips like 'Pants on the Ground' which if you haven't heard has become a national sensation (EVEN BRETT FAVRE GOT IN ON THE ACTION) -- I feel the need to share.

    Another video came across my desk today of a hilarious Idol audition involving pants ... and the ground ... but just in a different way.

    I can't really explain what happened ... you just have to see for yourself ... but I will give you a hint -- it involves a dude performing a split on the ground.

    MORE: What is it with people splitting pants open this week.

    Check out this video of an UK Bobsleigh team member Minichiello Cooke splitting her pants wide open RIGHT HERE!

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