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    Do you like the idea of tackling your car care from the comfort of your own garage? It’s pretty simple to do DIY car maintenance like oil changes, tire inspections, and topping off fluids like coolant and wiper fluid on your own. However, most people aren’t comfortable with the bigger repairs, and understandably so. Your car is a pretty complex being and you don’t want to cause bigger issues trying to repair something.

    Can you handle your own auto body repairs?

    However, there are a few more DIY car care items you can do in your garage – have you considered auto body repairs as one of your options?

    Auto body repairs can be pretty complex, too, so for big repairs, it’s best to let our Charlotte auto body repair shop handle things. However, some people are perfectly capable of DIY-ing smaller issues at home. Let’s take a closer look at some of the things you can add to your to-do list.

    #1: Headlight replacement and restoration

    Did your headlight burn out? It may seem like a small issue but it can actually cost you a decent-sized ticket if you get pulled over. Replacing a headlight is pretty simple. Give our Charlotte Toyota parts store a call – they can help you find the right bulbs to replace headlights, taillights, and turn signals. From there, you can make the swap in your own driveway. You can also restore your headlight casings if they’re looking a little dull – buy a kit from Toyota of N Charlotte or first, try toothpaste! Sometimes smearing a thin layer on the lenses and then cleaning it off can restore a little clarity.

    #2: Scratches in the paint

    Minor scratches in your car’s paint can also be a part of your DIY auto body repair routine, too. They happen – we hit branches, rocks fly up off the road, or maybe you cut it a little close with your shopping cart. Visit our Charlotte auto parts store for a paint pen that’s matched perfectly to your ride’s current paint color, and then use the paint pen to make the scratch disappear. If the scratch has depth to it, however, you may want to consider visiting our Collision Center – it’ll have to be filled in before paint is applied.

    #3: Small dents in the body

    Small dents can be taken care of at home, believe it or not! There are special tools (which our Charlotte Toyota parts experts can help you locate) that use suction to pull minor dents out of the body of your car. If the dent is deep or has done structural damage to the car, bring it in so our auto body repair experts can at least take a look at it.

    Let our Charlotte auto parts store help you!

    Want expert advice for your DIY auto body repair projects? Call us today – our Toyota of N Charlotte parts store and body shop are open and waiting to give you the info you need. You can reach us at (704-659-2040.

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