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    No one wants to sell their car down the road and not get their money’s worth. However, if you don’t maintain your ride, there’s a real possibility that you could someday be in this position! Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help. We have tips to help you boost the value of your pre owned car and put its best foot forward when it’s being examined by prospective buyers. Let’s get started!

    Prepare paperwork to get more money for your pre owned car

    Before you get started, you’ll want to gather up any and all paperwork that you have for your pre owned car. This means all service records, for starters – a car that’s been well-maintenanced is a car that’s going to be reliable and offer top-notch performance. It’ll put your prospective buyer at ease! You’ll also want to include all warranties for any repairs you’ve had done, as well as any parts and accessories that you’ve added to your pre owned car.

    Use these N Charlotte Toyota tips to boost resale value

    Here are some more N Charlotte Toyota tips to get you the most bang for your buck when you’re selling your car:

    Get the interior sparkling. This means wiping it down and vacuuming it out, as well as shampooing the seats and carpet to get rid of stains. It’ll also make your car smell fresher (and you can enhance that so fresh and so clean smell by sticking dryer sheets under the seats). Don’t forget to clean the inside of your windows, too!

    Fix up the exterior. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends fixing small dings, scratches, and nicks. You don’t want to invest in major repairs (it’s just more money out of your pocket) or a whole car paint job, but you can get a kit to remove smaller dents and dings, and use a paint pen to fill in scratches and nicks in the paint. Also, apply a nice coat of wax to get your paint job rich and shiny!

    Check out your headlights. Are they dingy or hazy? You should either clean them or replace the plastic caps – headlights like this can make a car look cheap and dated.

    Make small repairs. Do you have burnt out bulbs or need a new battery in your ride? Take care of it before you sell it. Our N Charlotte auto service center recommends weighing the cost and if it’s small and inexpensive, just taking care of it – the buyer will be pleased they don’t have to shell out more money than what they’re already paying.

    Take care of routine maintenance. Due for a N Charlotte oil change? Need your tires rotated? Get it done before you sell. No one wants to buy a pre owned car and have to have it in the shop two weeks later for something simple like routine maintenance.

    Ready to sell? Don’t forget, Toyota of N Charlotte offers cash for cars… and we’ve got a great selection of new and used rides for you to take home! We’re just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville. 

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