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    Getting back into the swing of things for fall can be a challenge after the lazy, school-free days of summer. Now you’re on a schedule and have a lot more on your plate, which means a lot more time in your car. Why not organize your ride to ensure your time behind the wheel is stress-free and simple? Toyota of N Charlotte has car organization tips and car accessories to get the job done.

    Use our car organization hacks to make life easy this fall

    What are our favorite car organization hacks and tips? Here are a few of the top ones our N Charlotte Toyota team members love for keeping their cars tidy:

    • Have a trash can. You never realize how much trash you actually have in your car until you start cleaning out the cupholders and seat pockets. Keep a plastic cereal container in your ride with a plastic bag in it; it’ll stay sealed so nothing falls out when you’re on the road, and you can simply replace the bag when it’s full.
    • Use cupholder organizers! Do you use your cupholders for everything but drinks? We’ve seen people store spare change, bobby pins, keys, makeup, and more in them. Use plastic muffin cups to keep things clean and organized; you can just rinse the cups out when you’re detailing your car.
    • Invest in floor mats. It may seem expensive, but these N Charlotte Toyota car accessories pay off. They’ll protect the carpet of your vehicle from stains and dirt and are easy to remove and clean, especially if you get all-weather mats (which are perfect for snow and mud). Another car accessory to consider for protection? Seat covers! They’ll guard your seats against stains, dirt, and fading from the sun and also can take your car’s appearance up a notch.

    Car accessories take your organization game to a new level

    • Buy a backseat organizer. These typically hang off the back of the driver or passenger’s seat of your N Charlotte Toyota and offer a great way to store gear, especially if you have kids! You can keep diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, first aid items and more in one spot and easily see when something needs to be replaced. If you don’t feel like shelling out for an actual organizer, then shoe organizers can work just as well in a pinch.
    • Keep your change in one spot – buy a plastic container of gum and when it’s empty, rinse, dry, and fill with spare change. That way it’s not rattling around your ride and it’s easy to get your hands on it when you need it.
    • Get a cargo area organizer. Stuff can start rolling around back there before you know it, so invest in a cargo organizer or net from our N Charlotte Toyota parts store to keep everything in its place. This makes prepping for after-school activities easy breezy.

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