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    Hurricane Florence is steaming toward the coast and while it’s lost some of its intensity, it’s still a solid category 2 storm that could bring a lot of wind and rain to Charlotte. If you haven’t started preparations, now is the time to do it, and Toyota of N Charlotte is here with 6 tips to help you streamline the process.


    Be ready for the hurricane and its aftermath with these tips


    Tip #1: Be careful where you park your car.

    You need to think carefully about where you’re going to park your car during the hurricane. It’s best to park it in a garage or at least under some cover if you can; if you can’t, then try to avoid parking near light poles or trees that could fall on it. Also, if you’re in an area that’s predicted to have flooding, head for the hills. Park your car somewhere else on higher ground to prevent expensive flood damage.


    Tip #2: Prep your car for damage.

    Be prepared for the fact that your N Charlotte Toyota may be damaged. You should ensure that you close it up completely - this means closing all windows, the sunroof, and locking up all doors and hatches - to avoid water getting in. Also make sure your car is gassed up for after the storm and that your tires are all inflated to the proper PSI and in good condition.


    Tip #3: Make sure your insurance is on point.

    Make sure that your car insurance is paid and that the coverage is acceptable to you before the hurricane arrives. You should also locate your insurance cars and the contact number for the company before the storm, and take pictures of your N Charlotte Toyota both before and after the hurricane to document the damage.


    Tip #4: Remove all valuables from your vehicle.

    Make sure that you take all valuables, paperwork, and electronics out of your car before the storm arrives and stow them somewhere safe. The last thing you want is for registration or your iPad to get damaged if your car floods.


    Tip #5: Don’t drive through water after the storm.

    You never know how deep water is, and driving through water that’s TOO deep can do some serious damage to your N Charlotte Toyota. Avoid puddles and if there’s no way around them, try to drive through the shallowest part. If you sense that the water is getting too deep, put your car in reverse and back out instead of trying to keep going.


    Tip #6: Report and take care of any flood damage immediately.

    After the storm has passed and you have the all-clear, go out and check your car. Flood damage is pretty obvious if water gets inside the cabin, but you should also start the engine and check all the knobs, switches, and electrical components of your vehicle.


    Toyota of N Charlotte can help you deal with flood damage


    From our family to yours, stay safe during the storm and come see us afterward if you need help getting your car back on its feet. Toyota of N Charlotte is open seven days a week at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23!


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