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    Getting out of town for a spring break road trip? There’s no better way to break up the semester or to just get away from responsibility and soak up some sun. However, there is a little prep work you should do before you decide to take on the open road – primarily with your car. Today we’re running through a car safety checklist that you can do in the convenience of your own driveway before you hit the highway! 

    Take care safety into your own hands this spring 

    Car safety is imperative on a road trip. Not only are you traveling at high speeds over long distances, you’re also far from your regular mechanic or service center. That’s why our Charlotte auto service techs recommend taking a peek at some of the elements of your vehicle before you leave. See their DIY car safety checklist below! 

    Tires: Never take a road trip with tires that aren’t properly inflated (it reduces both safety and fuel efficiency). You can find the proper PSI in your owner’s manual. Additionally, always make sure that you have enough tread on your tires by doing the penny test – put a penny upside in the tread. If you can see Abraham Lincoln’s hair, you need new tires! Finally, do a visual inspection of the tire to look for any bubbles, blisters, or other damage. 

    Horn: Give your horn a long, loud blow! It sounds silly, but our Charlotte auto service techs recommend checking it before you leave. It’s an important part of your drive time safety so you want to ensure it’s in working order. 

    Brakes: When was the last time you had brake service? Check to make sure you have full stopping power while working through your car safety checklist. If your brakes feel mushy or soft, or you hear squealing noises when you press them, then you should look into getting brake service. 

    Our Charlotte auto service techs can show you how to inspect your ride for safety 

    Wipers: We hope it’s all sun in your forecast, but if you do get some rain, you want to be prepared! If your wipers leave streaks or smears or making a screeching noise when you use them, it’s time to replace them. 

    Headlights: Test your headlights to ensure they’re shining clear and bright before you take a road trip so you’re prepped for nighttime driving. Don’t forget to test those brights to make sure they work! 

    Exterior storage: If you’re going to be towing or using roof racks, make sure everything is securely installed in terms of your equipment. Use your owner’s manual to check weight limits and be sure to strap all of your gear down securely! 

    Fluids: Before you take on highway driving, check your oil and coolant. Both reservoirs should be full of clean liquid. These are essential to top performance and to preventing breakdowns, so don’t neglect this step in your car safety inspection! 

    Need to schedule Charlotte auto service before you head out on a road trip this spring? Call today at (888) 378-1214! 

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