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    Even if you are using traveling to try to get away from it all, the planning process can be incredibly stressful! You have to make sure your luggage stays below the maximum weight, you have to go through security, and more! However, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is how your vehicle will hold up if you utilize airport parking. Our team at Toyota of North Charlotte has put together some tips for you to know when taking advantage of airport parking.

    Easy tips for easy airport parking

    Tip #1: Watch out for pedestrians – The airports that most residents of North Carolina choose to depart from can be pretty busy at times. It’s important to stay aware of pedestrians coming and going while finding an airport parking spot. Be sure to practice North Charlotte driving safety, and be aware of your surroundings and be on the lookout for people rushing to catch their flight!

    Tip #2: Park properly with Toyota technology – What’s worse than not finding a parking spot? Finding one that is open and not being able to squeeze into it because the person beside it parked horribly. Don’t be that person! Park your North Charlotte Toyota perfectly into those tight airport parking spaces with the help of the Toyota backup camera. The person who parks next to you will thank you for it.

    Tip #3: Remember your parking spot and parking ticket – Toyota of North Charlotte recommends keeping your airport parking ticket either inside of your car or inside of your wallet. You’ll want to keep it in a safe spot so you’ll know where it is and you’ll have an easier time paying at the booth. And if you usually struggle with finding your car after you come back from a trip, take a picture of your parking location with your phone before leaving.

    Keep your North Charlotte vehicle safe

    Tip #4: Put any valuables out of sight – Even though the airport parking area may have security, that doesn’t stop people from trying to commit car theft. Make sure to remove any valuables from your car like chargers and designer sunglasses before you go. At least hide them away in your car’s cargo areas to make your North Charlotte vehicle less tempting to criminals.

    Tip #5: Remove these items before the heat claims them – When you come back to North Charlotte from a trip, usually all you can think about is coming home. It wouldn’t be too fun if when you came back there was a huge mess of a melted something that you accidentally left in the car. Be sure to remove items such as makeup, food, and more before it sits too long in a hot car.

    There are plenty of things to plan out and remember before to take a trip. Maybe you realized that your vehicle needs a quick auto service check before you leave! Bring it over to North Charlotte and our techs at our service center will give your car a good look. You wouldn’t want it sitting in airport parking with something wrong, would you? Call us at (888) 378-1214 to schedule a service appointment with our qualified team!

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