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    Are you back to work from the holidays and already sick of your commute? Commuting isn’t for the weak of heart – it can be stressful and frustrating if you don’t take it on correctly. That’s why our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has taken the time to come up with some tips to help you make your commute a whole lot more enjoyable. Let’s get started!

    Use your commuting time to get “me” time!

    Tip #1: Use your sound system. We know that commuting can be boring and frustrating; why not put your N Charlotte Toyota’s sound system to use? Download your favorite music to get you pumped up on the way to work, and buy a few good audiobooks to help you relax on the way home. You could even use the time to learn a new language. Try to see your commute as a chance to have a little “me time” and you’ll enjoy it a lot more.

    Tip #2: Plan ahead of time. Take the time to plot your commuting route in the morning before you leave the driveway to avoid delays. At Toyota of N Charlotte we offer a variety of cars that can give you info when it comes to real-time traffic and weather, so you can check your route and make sure it’s clear before you head out. If there’s going to be a delay, use the navigation system to find a more efficient way into work! This will help reduce stress and also curb your temptation to speed, which can results in accidents.

    Tip #3: Don’t engage in distracted driving. This means putting on makeup, eating your breakfast, and answering emails – basically anything that takes your attention off the road. Distracted driving more often than not results in collisions, so either take care of business before you leave the house, or answer those important emails once you’ve reached the office. Put your phone away to resist the temptation to use it while driving and use Bluetooth wireless streaming to take and make phone calls!

    Tip #4: Change before you leave work. Business clothes aren’t the most comfortable, so why not swap them for some workout clothes or sweats before you leave? If you have a long commuting experience ahead of you, this can relax you before you get behind the wheel and ensure you’re comfortable on the way home. Similarly, eat a snack before you leave to stave off hunger and make sure you have a drink to take in the car.

    Avoid frustration during your commute with our tips

    Tip #5: Avoid road rage. Other drivers can be jerks, we know, but road rage is frustrating and dangerous. If someone is less than courteous to you on the road, try to just let it go and focus on your music or audiobook. It’s not worth getting into a collision!

    Want more N Charlotte Toyota commuting tips, or want to get behind the wheel of one of our new Toyota cars? Call us today – we’re located at 13429 Statesville Road so we’re just off the highway, and you can reach us at (888) 883-3797!

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