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    Are you gearing up for back to school and the end of summer? If so, you need to prep your ride as well. Ensuring your car has the tools it needs to move into a new stage of the year is key for a happy, stress-free drive time. That’s why Toyota of N Charlotte is here with auto service tips for the end of summer to help you get your car up to speed again.

    Send out summer with Charlotte auto service

     Tip #1: Get your ride cleaned out. Our Charlotte auto service center offers affordable car detailing so you can rid your ride of the last bits of summer (we’re talking road trip trash and sand from the beach). Kick off a new season and a new school year with a clean, organized ride so things run smoothly every single day.

    Tip #2: Get an oil change. Did you spend your summer out on the highway, looking for fun? Your car may be due for an oil change at our Charlotte auto service center because of the miles you tacked on while the sun was shining. Check your oil (the oil should fall in between the two tick marks on the dipstick and be a tan or caramel color) and your mileage to see if you need to call in and schedule service.

    Tip #3: Scope your tires. How are your tires looking after that long-distance road trip or countless weekends spent driving to the shore? They should be in good general condition and also be properly inflated and have enough tread on them to grip the road. Anything else can affect your fuel efficiency and traction, thus impeding both your wallet and your safety. Have our Charlotte auto service techs check them out if you’re not sure about their condition.

    Make sure your ride is ready for a new season – get on a maintenance schedule!

    Tip #4: Consider your battery. No one wants to start a new school semester with a broken down ride, so send out summer by scheduling Charlotte car battery service. Our auto service techs will inspect it for bulging or leaks and also test the voltage to ensure you have the charge you need to get things going each and every morning.

    Tip #5: Check your coolant. Summer may be winding down, but fall temps haven’t quite arrived yet. After a long summer of frequent drive time, your coolant may be in line for a topping off, so ask our Toyota of N Charlotte techs what they think if you’re not sure of the levels.

    Other than that, stay on top of your routine car maintenance! Our techs can get you and your ride on a schedule and send you helpful reminders (and money-saving coupons!) to make the process easier than ever.

    Want to schedule auto service at Toyota of N Charlotte? Call today – we’re ready and waiting for you at (888) 883-3797. And don’t forget to check out our website to scope our best Toyota service specials to help you save big bucks on every day car care. We’re just off I-77 at exit 23!

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