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    Are you amped up for another season of football? Pull out your favorite jersey and fire up the grill – it’s time for tailgating! And in order to make this football season your best yet, we’ve got tailgating advice to share. Check out our Toyota of N Charlotte tips for dropping the tailgate!

    Prep for tailgating to save time and frustration

    Tip #1: Prep ahead of time. The night before the big game, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends packing up your stuff, plotting your route (plus an alternate), and checking the forecast for the next day. The morning of tailgating, leave early so you have plenty of time to get to the stadium and checking traffic via your N Charlotte Toyota’s Entune App System so you know the best way to get there.

    Tip #2: Choose your parking spot wisely. Are you looking to be right in the action, or do you want something a little quieter where you can grill and enjoy a cold beverage with family? Staying on the fringes is your best bet if you want a more low-key experience, and if you’re worried about long lines to get out when you’re leaving, park near the entrance.

    Tip #3: Practice food safety. Remember, cold foods need to stay cold until they’re cooked. Once they’re cooked, they should be eaten immediately! Leaving food out is asking for bacteria to grow and can be very unsafe, especially for kids. Bring plenty of ice with you for coolers and remember to pack everything up before you head into the game.

    Tip #4: Watch the grill. It’s easy to get distracted while tailgating, but make sure you keep an eye on the grill. Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership recommends this not only because you don’t want to burn the food, but also because you don’t want anyone getting injured or burned on it. Make sure you turn off the grill and douse the flames before you head to your seats.

    Tip #5: Use the buddy system. This is especially true for kids – you don’t want them wandering around a crowded stadium or tailgating area. Always take a buddy when you go to the restroom or if you decide to explore your area.

    Toyota of N Charlotte tips can help make this season the best yet

    Tip #6: Lock up before you leave. Before you go to your seats, be sure to lock up your N Charlotte Toyota. Put all your belongings away, roll up windows, close the sunroof, and lock the doors. Double check before you leave! The last thing you want is a break-in.

    Tip #7: Remember where you parked. Take a picture or make a note in your phone so you can easily find your car when you leave.

    Tip #8: NEVER drink and drive. If you find yourself partaking in adult beverages during the game, Toyota of N Charlotte recommends that you call a cab or an Uber or find a designated drive to get you and your friends home safely.

    Want more tailgating tips, or want to take one of our new Toyota trucks out for a spin? Call today at (888) 883-3797! 

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