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    Looking for your next summer adventure? Why not plan a camping trip? The Carolinas have plenty of places to pitch a tent and become one with nature again, and even more importantly, our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has camping tips to help you make your trip easy breezy. Check it out!

    Use our camping tips to get off the pavement this summer

    Tip #1: Plan, plan, plan. We know, we’re always telling you to plan everything here at Toyota of N Charlotte and some people think that spontaneity creates a better sense of adventure. But trust us – our number one camping tip recommends AT LEAST planning your final destination (in case you need to book a campsite) and how you’re going to get there (so you don’t get lost or get stuck in a huge traffic jam). At least plot out the basics before you get off the pavement!

    Tip #2: Make sure your car is up to date on N Charlotte Toyota auto service – this is especially important if you’re going to be towing. Schedule your oil changes, tire rotations, battery checks, and brake service BEFORE you get out of town, and if you’re going to be towing, have our techs check everything out for you to ensure you’re ready to pull. And don’t forget, we offer free multi-point inspections to help you pinpoint any issues that might be arising before you’re out on the open road!

    Tip #3: Choose where you’re going to pitch your tent carefully. Our best camping tips for this include looking for a spot that’s in the shade (but not under any dead trees- a branch could fall on your tent), upwind of other campers to stay out of the way of smoke, and close to a water source so trips to the stream are short. You should also look for higher ground to avoid flooding, and avoid spots in direct sunlight as things will heat up inside your tent pretty quickly.

    Toyota of N Charlotte wants to take your camping experience to a new level!

    Tip #4: Take care of your N Charlotte Toyota. Don’t drain your car’s battery by running the air conditioning, headlights, or radio, and be careful where you park. You want to remember where you’ve left your ride, and you definitely don’t want to get towed! Plus, try to avoid parking in muddy or sandy patches. You could have a hard time getting out later!

    Tip #5: Bring the right supplies. Besides food and water, you’ll want to bring essentials like a tarp (to help ward off water), extra rope, firestarters, a headlamp for hands-free lighting, and entertainment – think books or board games! Another must-have in our camping tips? Toilet paper.

    Want more tips, or want to get your ride checked out before you get off the pavement? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (888) 883-3797, or come on by and see us. We’re just off I-77 at exit 23 at 13429 Statesville Road.

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