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    Are you thinking about hitting the highway for a summer road trip? Memorial Day Weekend may be over, but there’s still plenty of opportunity to get out of town. However, if you want your trip to be easy and stress-free, there’s a little bit of prep you should do before you leave. Toyota of N Charlotte is sharing summer road trip tips to help you get it handled!

    Toyota of N Charlotte can help you beat the heat and hit the highway

    Tip #1: Get ready for the heat. Whether you’re traveling south or north, you’re sure to face warm weather in the summer. Combine this with traveling long distances at high speeds and it’s a recipe for a disastrous road trip… unless your car has been prepped to handle it! Have our N Charlotte Toyota service techs check your car’s oil, fluids (especially coolant), battery, and brakes to ensure they can handle the warm weather. Also, check your tires – they have to work harder when it’s hot out and you’re more prone to a blowout if they’re not in good shape.

    Tip #2: Plan your trip and be ready for anything. Holiday weekends and popular destinations can mean more traffic in the summer, especially since it’s the most popular time of year to take a road trip. Be sure you plot your route before you leave (or use the navigation found in many of our N Charlotte Toyota cars) and always have an alternate route ready to go in case of heavy traffic and delays. Also, be sure to book a hotel ahead of time if you plan to stop overnight. You never know when things will be busy and you don’t want to get stuck hunting around for a place to sleep!

    Make your road trip stress-free this summer!

    Tip #3: Pack three times. Not literally – we just mean you should have three bags. One should contain all the things you need easy access to, like snacks, phone chargers, medicines, and cash. This one will stay close to you in the car. The next bag should contain a change of clothes and some toiletries – anything you need for a quick overnight stop at a hotel, so you don’t have to unpack your car and drag a bunch of luggage inside with you. The third bag should be all the rest, and can be unloaded at your final destination! Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership reminds you to pack carefully on a road trip, too – be sure to place all heavy items on the bottom near the center of your vehicle, and never stack suitcases to the roof. You need to be able to see out the back using your rearview mirror.

    Tip #4: Drive defensively. When you’re out on the highway or driving in heavy traffic, you’re bound to need defensive driving skills. This basically just means avoiding distractions, paying attention to your surroundings, and following the rules of the road. Defensive driving can help you proactively avoid an accident altogether, instead of just reacting as one is happening to you.

    Want more tips for taking a road trip? Call Toyota of N Charlotte today at (888) 883-3797! 

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