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    Whether you’re headed out of town or staying in town to see the sights this summer, car theft is a real and scary issue. Luckily, there are steps you can take to help prevent it! Toyota of N Charlotte has tips to help you keep yourself, your family, and your ride safe all summer long. Let’s get started!

    Toyota of N Charlotte wants to help you stay safe all summer long

    Tip #1: Think about where you park. Parking in dimlit or desolate areas is an open invitation for car theft! Try to park your N Charlotte Toyota in a well-lit area where there’s pedestrian traffic, and if you can find a lot with an attendant, even better. Those characteristics will help deter thieves. And if you’re not familiar with the area, avoid parking in alleys and back streets – you never know where crime is prevalent.

    Tip #2: Lock up. You should always lock your vehicle up, even if you’re going to be away for just a few minutes. Even if you’re just stepping into the gas station to grab a snack, lock your doors! Also, ensure your windows are closed, your sunroof is closed, and your back hatch door is securely latched. Don’t make it any easier than it has to be for thieves!

    Tip #3: Keep things out of sight. Went on a shopping spree? Have expensive electronics in your car? Make sure you put all of it out of sight to help reduce your chances of car theft! Stow belongings in the trunk of your N Charlotte Toyota if possible; if not, keep them under the seat or somewhere else that’s out of sight. You’re a lot more likely to have someone break into your car if they see the goods just sitting there, waiting!

    Stop car theft from happening to you with these tips

    Tip #4: Arm your car. Protect your car with an anti-theft system – we can help you get one ordered and installed at our Toyota of N Charlotte parts store. You might also consider getting a steering wheel lock; not only will it prevent someone from stealing your entire ride, it might also deter them from breaking in altogether. Ask our parts techs about other anti-theft options available to you and which is best for your needs!

    Tip #5: Keep your spare key in your purse or pocket. It’s tempting to buy a magnet case and keep your spare key hidden on your car somewhere, but it’s also tempting for thieves! Why chance it? Keep a spare with you but not on your actual car so only you have access to it.

    Need to scope our N Charlotte Toyota parts store or want to talk to one of our associated about anti-theft options? Call us today – we can help you have a safe and happy summer, and we’re waiting for you at (888) 378-1214! 

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