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    Looking for a new car for your new grad? You obviously want to give them the best of the best – after all, this car will take them into a whole new chapter of life. Whether you’re helping your college grad take that big leap into adulthood or sending your high school grad off to college for the first time, a new Toyota car is definitely the right ride to do it in. And luckily for you, Toyota of N Charlotte has a huge variety of options to find the perfect drive time solution!

    What are new grads looking for when they visit Toyota of N Charlotte?

    What are new grads looking for in a new ride when they’re about to hit the road? Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has found that three things take precedence when grads look for new cars – reliability, fuel efficiency, and style. We’ve got tons of Toyota cars that encompass all of the above, but let’s take a closer look at these drive time requirements and why they’re important.

    Reliability: There’s no point in owning a car that doesn’t start when it’s supposed to or has to be in the shop constantly for repairs – you’d have more luck trying to catch the bus. That’s why we’re proud to say that our N Charlotte Toyota cars offer a huge degree of reliability! Over 80% of all models sold in the past 20 years are still on the road. Additionally, Consumer Reports recently named the most reliable cars on the market, and Toyota cars swept the competition in the subcompact, compact, minivans, small SUVs, pickup trucks, and midsized SUVs categories!

    Which Toyota cars will you test drive with your new grad?

    Fuel efficiency: While you’re saving on the price of the car, why not save on your fuel costs as well? Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has a ton of fuel-efficient cars on the lot waiting for your grad’s test drive. We have compact cars that naturally offer better fuel economy because of light curb weight and agile engines, and as we also offer Toyota cars that have hybrid technology under the hood to promote better gas mileage. Our top picks for this category?

    • Toyota Corolla
    • Toyota Prius
    • Toyota Yaris
    • Toyota Corolla iM
    • Toyota Yaris iA
    • Toyota Prius c
    • Toyota Prius v
    • Toyota Prius Prime
    • Toyota RAV4
    • Toyota Camry Hybrid
    • Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    • Toyota Highlander Hybrid

    Style: Style may not be a necessity, but it’s definitely a perk when you buy a new ride! We have a huge variety of Toyota cars at our dealership that offer many types of styles. You’ll find sleek sedans, sporty hatchbacks, tough trucks, and polished SUVs waiting for you and your grad when you hit the lot! We’ve truly got something for everyone at Toyota of N Charlotte.

    Visit us today! We’re open seven days a week until 10pm at 13429 Statesville Road – we’re just off I-77 at exit 23. Ask about our Toyota College Grad Rebate

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