• SPONSORED: Toyota tops resale value lists for 2017


    Toyota has done it again – not only have they been awarded the overall  Best Resale Value Award by KBB.com, they’ve also cleaned up in many of the individual car categories! So why should you care? In our opinion, resale value should definitely be one of the factors you consider before you sign anything, and our N Charlotte Toyota dealership is here to explain why.

    Toyota of N Charlotte offers high-value cars

    Not a whole lot of people have a very clear idea of what resale value is, so let us explain. It’s how much value your car has – in other words, how much money you can get for it when you sell it. That’s why you want your car to have high value, especially as it puts on mileage and years. Toyota is a brand that’s renowned for its value and it’s been recognized by industry experts at KBB.com yet again!

    Toyota got the overall Best Resale Value Award, like we mentioned, but the brand also did well in individual vehicle categories and we’ve got the scoop. Check out all of the awards the brand took home for 2017!

    Top Ten Best Resale Value Vehicles: Toyota Tacoma at #1, Toyota 4Runner at #2, and Toyota Tundra at #5.


    • Best mid-size pickup truck: Toyota Tacoma
    • Best full-size pickup truck: Toyota Tundra
    • Best hybrid/alternative energy car: Toyota Prius, Toyota Avalon Hybrid
    • Best mid-size SUV: Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Highlander
    • Best full-size SUV: Toyota Sequoia
    • Best minivan: Toyota Sienna
    • Best subcompact car: Toyota Yaris iA and Toyota Yaris
    • Best compact car: Toyota Corolla iM
    • Best mid-size car: Toyota Camry
    • Best full-size car: Toyota Avalon

    Obviously, our brand has a lot to offer you when you get to shopping!

    What boosts resale value in a vehicle?

    However, what particular features enhance a car’s resale value? Here are some of the things you should consider when you start looking for your next ride:

    • Performance options, especially high-powered engines featured in sports cars and full-size trucks. People are willing to drop a bit more cash on features like these in a N Charlotte Toyota. Additionally, an automatic transmission can get you more cash for your car.
    • Alloy wheels. People don’t really consider much else in terms of style to boost value of a vehicle, but alloy wheels up the ante when it’s time to sell.
    • Sunroof. If your new Toyota near Charlotte has a sunroof, it has considerably more value than a car without one.
    • Safety features. However, this one is a bit subjective – some people like a lot of safety technology and will pay more for it, while others don’t really care and don’t consider it a value-booster.

    Are you in the mood to start car shopping? You can’t go wrong in terms of value if you shop Toyota, so  come see us! Toyota of N Charlotte is located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77!

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