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    Winter is here, and the holiday season means you’ll be out on the roads quite a bit! Are you ready to tackle slippery conditions? Snow, ice, and slush can make for some challenging driving conditions, but don’t let it stress you out or put a damper on your holiday plans. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to refresh you on winter driving safety so you can hit the highway care free to see your friends and family and ring in the holidays!

    Winter driving safety means preparing your car for anything

    Preparation is everything when it comes to winter driving safety. You want to make sure your N Charlotte Toyota is stocked with an emergency kit (containing things like blankets, jumper cables, water, kitty litter, etc.) and also that you’re up to date on all N Charlotte winter auto service. That includes:

    • Tire service (rotation, inflation, and tread check)
    • Battery service (overall condition inspection and voltage check)
    • Brake service
    • Headlight service (bulb check and possible headlight restoration)
    • Heater/defroster check

    Once you’ve accomplished that, you’re ready to hit the road… but winter driving safety also requires adjusting your drive time habits. Check out our top N Charlotte Toyota safety tips!

    Use our N Charlotte Toyota safe driving tips this winter

    • Watch for ice on bridges and overpasses. It forms there first because cold air passes over the top AND bottom of the structures.
    • Take hills carefully. You shouldn’t slam on the gas to get to the top, and you shouldn’t stop on your way up – both can lead to you losing traction and sliding back down the hill! Slow and steady wins the race.
    • Reduce your speed. It’s OK to drive under the speed limit (within reason) when conditions are snowy and icy. A slow and constant speed is your best bet. Be sure to especially slow down when turning so your back wheels don’t slide out from under you.
    • Be on the lookout for black ice. This type of ice is extremely hard to see and very slippery! You’ll want to watch for dry patches of pavement that have shiny surfaces and try to avoid them if possible.
    • NEVER use cruise control when driving in winter conditions. It takes away control of your speed, and you need to be able to reduce or increase your rate of travel to quickly avoid a collision.
    • Leave more distance between you and other cars than you normally would. That way if you need to hit your brakes for a sudden stop or quickly get out of the way of a collision, you have the space to do it.
    • Pay attention to the weather service! If conditions are TOO bad, consider postponing your trip at the very least. Arriving late is better than getting into an accident!

    Ready to schedule that auto service, or want more tips when it comes to winter driving safety? Call us today at (888) 883-3797 – we’re open seven days a week! 

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