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    City of birth: Anderson, SC

    School: Providence Day School

    Position: Wide receiver

    Siblings: Patrick, Parker, Brent

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    My best physical feature is: Teeth

    Favorite movie: King Kong

    Most played song on iPod: 4 am by 2 Chainz ft. Travis Scott

    TV show I DVR most: Disney Channel

    Favorite website: ESPN.com

    Worst habit: Biting my nails

    Talent I wish I had: Singing

    What annoys you the most: When people ask you a question then they answer the question they just asked

    Favorite toy as a child: Hot Wheels

    Three things on my bucket list:

    Favorite meal: Thanksgiving dinner

    If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy: My parents a new house

    Most embarrassing thing ever happened during a game: tripping in front of the end zone

    Three things I would take to a desert island are: My phone, a knife, and a fire starter

    Favorite pro sports teams are: Steelers and Patriots

    Greatest moment on the field: Game winning touchdown

    One guilty pleasure is: Popping joints

    Celebrity crush: Loryn Loundon or Kylie Jenner

    Three people I would love to have dinner with: Barack Obama, Denzel Washington, and Julio Jones

    My friends would be surprised to know/my most unique off the field talent: 

    Next risk you plan to take: Whatever happens on the fly

    Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat: Twitter- @pzrooks, Instagram- @porter.rooks

    If you could change one thing happening in the world, what would it be: Free gas

    Career goal after school/college: NFL or physical therapist


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