Panthers wrap up summer minicamp ahead of preseason training camp

Panthers wrap up summer minicamp ahead of preseason training camp

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Within the last two hours, the Carolina Panthers wrapped up their summer minicamp.

For the players, this means six weeks until training camp to prepare for the upcoming season. Veteran players reportedly try to squeeze in one last vacation before the season begins.

Channel 9's Sports Director Phil Orban has followed the Panther's minicamp through every throw and tackle. 

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For the rookies, the next six weeks mean learning the ins and outs of the playbook. The Panthers have a handful of young players who will be counted on this season like first round draft pick DJ Moore.

Moore told Channel 9 Sports Director Phil Orban Wednesday he is going to spend his time off buried in the playbook so he can be ready for training camp.

Panther’s Head Coach Ron Rivera said this minicamp has been about installation and retention of the playbook.

“They’re going to look at their notes that they took home with them and try to study up and practice and the other thing to is conditioning,” Rivera said. “You want guys to come to training camp in condition.”

The Panther's announced Thursday the official start date for preseason training camp will be Thursday, July 26. The day will begin with the annual kickoff party, followed by the first practice session.

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