• Keep up your N Charlotte Toyota's appearance with our tips!


    Did you know that Toyota of N Charlotte offers full detailing services at its Charlotte Service Center? We can get your car sparkling clean before we send you back out onto the road – but we know that not everyone has time to bring their vehicle in for a complete detailing. That’s why our Service Center has tips for you on how to detail your new Toyota like a pro! Keeping your N Charlotte Toyota clean will not only make it look better; it also will have an effect on how long certain elements last, like your paint job and your interior. We’ve got tips straight from our trained Toyota technicians – get cleaning! 

    Hand wash your new Toyota near Charlotte for the best results! 

    First of all, you should make sure you wash your new Toyota near Charlotte pretty often – about once a week is ideal. Don’t use harsh dish soaps, which can have a negative effect on your paint. Also, hand-washing your new Toyota has much better results than running it through a cheap gas station automated washing system. 
    Take the time to wash it thoroughly – pay attention to the tires and other spots you wouldn’t normally think of, like the wheel wells and under your spoiler. After your finished, hand dry and apply a coat of wax! Wax will help protect your new Toyota in N Charlotte against dirt, UV rays, and harsh weather! Either paste or liquid will work, and you only need to wax your vehicle about four times a year for full effect. 

    You should also take care to scrub your tires, and even apply wheel polish to keep them looking in tip-top shape. Also, don’t use Windex or any cleaner with ammonia in it to clean your new Toyota’s windows! This can do more harm than good and cause damage to your tint! 

    Detail the interior of your N Charlotte Toyota with ease

    When it comes to the interior of your N Charlotte Toyota, hit the carpets first. Vacuum  your car out, and use either an air compressor or a stiff brush to get the dirt and debris out of your floor mats – after all, they take the brunt of the impact and you want them to last. You should also clean the dash and other plastic or synthetic surfaces. Use a special cleaner – again, no Windex – that’s formulated for that specific task. Don’t forget to do the steering wheel in your new Toyota, but make sure the cleaner doesn’t leave a slippery residue, as that can be dangerous while driving! 

    One further thing to take note of when you’re detailing your new Toyota near Charlotte is the air ducts. You’d probably never think to clean them, but dirty air ducts can lead to contagions in the air, as well as a smelly car! Use an air compressor to blow the A/C ducts out, which will get rid of mildew and dust in seconds. 

    Want more tips, or need a little bit of help getting your new Toyota into tip-top shape? Visit the Toyota of N Charlotte Service Center today! We’re just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville, and you can call us to make an appointment at (888) 378-1214! Ask about our service specials while you’re here for money-saving opportunities!