• Toyota of N Charlotte explores the history behind the Toyota RAV4!


    Are you interested in taking home a popular and dependable vehicle that also offers plenty of space? You can’t go wrong with the new Toyota RAV4 near Charlotte, then! This SUV has been an incredibly popular choice over the years, and it has a lot to offer. 

    Of course, it looks quite a bit different today than when it did when it was first produced! We did some digging into the history of this ride to see how it’s changed over the years, and what features have made it such popular picks! 

    The N Charlotte Toyota RAV4 offers twenty years of style and dependability!

    If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s known for being stylish AND dependable, you can’t go wrong with the new Toyota RAV4 in N Charlotte. After all, 80% of Toyota models sold in the past twenty years are still on the road today, and this particular model has continued to attract drivers’ attention from around the world. 

    • The first generation of this favorite Toyota SUV first became available on the market in 1994. It showed up in Japan and the United Kingdom first and became almost an instant hit; it doubled sales expectations in the first year! 
    • It showed up in the USA in 1996 and drivers here quickly became a fan of the N Charlotte Toyota RAV4. It was more compact then, and was offered in a style that featured two-doors or four-doors. 
    • The second generation was quickly introduced and became available in 2001. Re-designed to be bigger, it came with a larger 2.4L 4-cyl engine and also featured either a manual or automatic transmission!
    • 2006 brought additional changes in the form of the third generation. Four doors became the standard option, and a V6 engine was also introduced. 
    • 2012 revealed a completely different option that was still apart of the third generation: the N Charlotte Toyota RAV4 EV. This model was unlike anything else because it came with an electric powertrain to make it eco-friendly and release fewer toxic emissions into the environment!

    The fourth generation was featured in 2013, and it came with a few extra options and features that make it the stand-out option it is today! 

    Get to know the 2014 Toyota RAV4 near Charlotte

    The 2013 model year offers the same options and changes that come in the current 2014 model year. Drivers can enjoy stylish and hi-tech features like Bluetooth technology, and integrated backup camera, SofTex seating material, and even more! 

    This SUV is also designed to be tough and versatile. Even though it can easily seat up to five people and comes with plenty of cargo room, it can also tow an additional 1,500 pounds with ease! 

    Want to check out this new Toyota and see what it has to offer you today? Don't wait any longer! You have plenty of different trim-levels to consider and choose from, and some of the latest hi-tech features in it to enjoy. Call us at (888) 883-3797 to set up a test-driving appointment today! 


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