• Would you choose a manual or automatic new Scion near Charlotte?


    When you’re on the hunt for a new Scion near Charlotte, you probably have a list of factors that are going to be important when it comes down to the final decision. Maybe you’re basing your call on style, like the sporty style the 2013 Scion FR-S provides. Maybe you’re more concerned about fuel efficiency, or perhaps final price is going to be the determining point. However, have you ever considered which type of transmission is best suited to your preferences and needs? At Toyota of N Charlotte, most of our new Scion options are available in both manual and automatic… so let’s explore them a little bit more so you can decide which is best for you! 

    Which new Scion is best-suited for you?

    First of all, which new Scion in N Charlotte are available in both manual and automatic? You’ll find this choice in: 

    • 2013 Scion tC
    • 2013 Scion FR-S
    • 2013 Scion xB
    • 2013 Scion xD

    If any of those vehicles fall into your list of choices, then you’ll definitely want to take into consideration what types of advantages each type of transmission has to offer. Let’s start with manual! 

    If you choose a manual transmission for your new Scion in N Charlotte, here are some of the advantages available to you: 

    • Increased fuel efficiency! Fuel economy is almost always an important factor when it comes to buying a car, and it’s rumored that a manual transmission will help to enhance it in your Scion! 
    • Lower maintenance costs. Manual models tend to have lower upkeep and maintenance costs than automatic models. 
    • Lower price tag. Manual models also tend to be less expensive than automatic models when it comes to starting MSRP. 
    • A more exciting ride. Your new Scion in N Charlotte is exciting enough, but a manual transmission demands that you do a good deal of work for the engine – i.e., changing the gears yourself so you can move up and down in speed. This means more control over your driving experience, as well as a more hands-on and exciting ride! 

    However, some advantages do come with choosing a new Scion that has an automatic transmission. Benefits include: 

    • A higher resale value. When you turn around to sell or trade-in your vehicle in a few years, it’s been proven that automatic models tend to fetch more and retain more resale value. 
    • Convenience! In an automatic model, the car does all the work for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride (and find good tunes on your Pioneer audio system). You don’t have to manually shift the gears to adjust your speed. 

    Find the perfect N Charlotte Scion for you! 

    The only surefire way to tell which transmission is a better fit for you is to explore them in person! Come on down to Toyota of N Charlotte today to check out both options up close, and find the Scion of your dreams. You can call us to set up a test drive today at (888) 883-3797! See you soon! 

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