• New Scion near Charlotte come with different drivetrains!


    If you have your heart set on getting a new Scion sports car, then it’s important to make sure you drive home one that will deliver the style and features you’re interested in the most! Performance is often an important factor that drivers consider when they want to enjoy a two-door coupe. 

    Sporty new Scion in N Charlotte feature two different models: the Scion FR-S and the Scion tC. However, just because these vehicles come in the sports car design doesn’t mean they offer the exact same performance. In fact, they each come with a different drivetrain, which influences the kind of driving experience they deliver! 

    Which is better: front-wheel or rear-wheel drive?

    The kind of drivetrain that’s better really comes down to matter of personal preference. With rear-wheel drive, the rear wheels receive the power and move the vehicle, while in front-wheel drive the front-wheels are what guide the car’s movement! 

    The Scion FR-S comes with rear-wheel drive, and the Scion tC boasts front-wheel drive. Each come with pros and cons, so deciding which one (and which new Scion in N Charlotte) is right for you is important!

    Rear-wheel drive

    • Rear-wheel drive tends to be popular among sports car enthusiasts because it offers belter handling AND a better response time. However, because the parts are located in the back instead of the front, typically there’s not as much cargo room. 
    • One reason drivers love the new Scion FR-S in N Charlotte is because of its acceleration – and this is thanks to its rear-wheel drive system! On the other hand, this same rear-wheel drive system that helps drivers achieve high speeds quickly also doesn’t offer amazing traction. This can make driving difficult if you find yourself in harsh weather on a regular basis. 

    Front-wheel drive

    • If control is one of your biggest concerns, then you’ll love the kind of performance the new Scion tC has to offer! With its front-wheel drive, you can easily feel in control of your driving experience at all times. However, the driving experience isn’t as speedy or exciting as the what the rear-wheel drive system in the Scion FR-S near Charlotte has to offer. 
    • You can easily enjoy amazing style and plenty of cargo room at the same time, too. The front-wheel drive system parts are located in front of this Scion sports car, so it has a little bit of extra cargo room to offer AND delivers better fuel economy! Front-wheel drive isn’t without its disadvantages, though. It has a higher chance of producing torque steer (when one front wheels gets more power and the car pulls to one side). 

    Test-drive new Scion near Charlotte today!

    Not sure which one of these vehicles is right for you? Not a problem – our team members are here ready to help you figure it out! Stop by and see us at 13429 Statesville Rd to take either of these popular sports cars out for a spin. Our doors stay open until 10:00 pm so there’s always a good time to visit us! 


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