• Take a closer look at the Scion Star Safety System


    Did you know that each and every new Scion in N Charlotte is equipped with a comprehensive set of safety features specially designed by Toyota (and replicated by none)? That’s right – Toyota of N Charlotte is proud to provide a huge selection of new Scion options, all of which are decked out with the renowned Star Safety System! This set of six safety features is also found in all new Toyota vehicles, and it’s a great way to up your sense of security when it comes to your drive time. Let’s take a more detailed look at what these amazing safety technologies implement in your Scion!

    What is the Scion Star Safety System? 

    What is the Star Safety System? Basically, it’s a set of six different safety technologies that were extensively researched and tested by Toyota. As you know, Toyota takes its safety research very seriously. It even has a facility in Michigan that’s entirely devoted to conducting this research and collaborating with other big institutions in the field. Why? Because they want to make sure that they provide safe and reliable vehicles to their valued customers, which is why every new Toyota and new Scion near Charlotte is endowed with this incredible technology. The Star Safety System is composed of six parts: 

    • Traction Control: Traction is essential, as it keeps you from losing control of your new Scion near Charlotte and sliding all over the road. Traction Control can sense when any of the wheels is losing traction, and reduced engine power to slow all the other wheels accordingly and keep you on track. 
    • Anti-Lock Brake System: The last thing you want is for the brakes in your Scion to lock up – this technology applies pulses of power to the brakes when it senses a wheel skidding and a possible lock-up about to happen. You won’t have to worry so much about skidding with this technology on your side!
    • Vehicle Stability Control: This technology can sense when your wheels lose traction or your new Scion starts to slide, and it both reduces engine power and applies brake power accordingly to prevent you from losing control. 
    • Smart Stop Technology: This particular feature applies brake power if it senses the driver pushing down the brake and acceleration pedals at the same time, allowing you to bring your new Scion to a quick stop. 
    • Brake Assist: This safety feature applies extra brake pressure when you need a fast, emergency stop. 
    • Electronic Brake-force Distribution: This particular element of the Star Safety System prevents your car from losing its balance, and the brakes from locking up. How? By shifting brake pressure away from the wheels carrying the least amount of weight! 

    See all the safety features in our N Charlotte Scion vehicles! 

    As you can see, all the features in the Star Safety System work both together and independently to up the security factor of your driving experience! 

    Want to learn more about the other amazing safety features our Scion have to offer? Stop by Toyota of N Charlotte today! We’re just off I-77 at exit 23, and we have a great selection for you to explore!  


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