• Store your N Charlotte Scion safely this winter!


    Are you thinking about storing your new Scion near Charlotte this winter, or putting it into disuse for a while? If you are, there are certain steps you should take to ensure that your car is still in tip-top shape when you take it out of the garage. Luckily, our N Charlotte Toyota Scion dealership sat down with some of the trained Toyota technicians at our auto service center to come up with a list of tips for you! Read on before you put your new Scion in N Charlotte away for the season! 

    What steps should you take to store your new Scion?

    If you don’t take these steps to prep your new Scion for storage, you might face mechanical problems when you go to take it back out on the roads. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Toyota Service Center at (877) 218-1637 – they can help you get ready for the winter ahead! 

    First of all, fill up your gas tank! It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s incredibly important to take this step. If you don’t top off the gas tank in your new Scion near Charlotte, you may find condensation in the gas tank when you rev things back up. You might also want to use a gas stabilizer, which will prevent sludge from forming in the gas tank over long periods of time. 

    You should also check your new Scion’s fluids, particularly the coolant and oil. You should definitely invest in an oil change so your car goes into storage with clean oil in the proper amount – dirty oil can actually cause damage to the interior of your engine if it sits in there long enough. Also, top off your coolant and look into corrosion inhibitors – these chemicals will help to prevent your coolant from causing any damage during storage. 

    Take care of the battery in your new Scion in N Charlotte! You don’t want a flat, dead battery when spring rolls around, so make sure to keep it charged with a battery management system. 

    Keep your N Charlotte Scion protected inside and out! 

    You also should think about the paint job on your car – protecting the exterior is as important as protecting the mechanical components, unless you want to shell out for a new paint job. Wash and wax the car before you store it, and be sure to cover it with a car cover, especially if it’s going to be outside in the elements. 

    Don’t forget the tires! You need to ensure that the tires on your new Scion don’t get flat spots from sitting in one position for too long – make sure they’re properly inflated, and then put tire cradles under each or use jack stands on your vehicle. 

    Have more questions about how you can prep your car for storage? Like we said, give us a call, or just walk in! The Toyota of N Charlotte Service Center is located just off I-77 at exit 23 in Huntersville, and we have amazing auto service specials to help you save big today! 

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