• Pick out the right tires for your new Scion in N Charlotte!


    No matter which new Scion in N Charlotte you choose to take home, there are some common factors and forms of maintenance that each model needs. Keeping up with N Charlotte car maintenance is important, especially if you want your Scion to last as long as possible! 

    If you’ve noticed the tire tread on your Scion’s wheels has started to get worn down a little bit, it might be time to get some replacements! 

    Which tires are right for your new Scion? 

    When it comes to choosing tires for your new Scion near Charlotte, there are a lot of different options and choices to consider!  Not all tires are made the same; if you’re looking for some N Charlotte auto tires to take home (and at a great price), then be sure you’re getting the right kind for your ride!

    High Performance Tires

    If you’re driving a new Scion sports car, like the N Charlotte Scion FR-S, then you want a set of tires that are sure to help and not hurt the vehicle’s performance. High performance tires are specially designed to help a vehicle get the best performance possible! These tires help the Scion FR-S, and other sporty cars like it, reach its optimal performance potential! 

    Off-road tires

    If you’d rather hit the open trail than stay on paved roads, make sure your vehicle is up to the challenge. Off-road tires are an important part of conquering off-road terrain. They’re specially designed with wider treads and can handle more resistance – which makes it easier to go on roads that aren’t already paved. 

    Winter tires

    If you live in an area where the weather tends to stay the same all the time, then you probably don’t need to invest in winter tires for your Scion. However, the weather does tend to change in North Carolina! It’s a good idea to have winter tires on hand to use for those times the roads get icy from snow. Winter tires are different from other options because they have a special tread that helps the tires grip the road!

    All-season tires

    These types of tires tend to be the most popular – whether you have a new Toyota or new Scion! They help deliver the best balance between traction and performance. 

    Bring by your Scion to get new auto tires!

    With so many types of auto tires to consider, it can be a little bit tricky to try and find the best set of tires for drivers to enjoy. That’s why our service techs are here to help! When you bring your Scion in for some car maintenance, and to check out all the different tire options we have for you to consider, our service techs can help answer your questions and give you the best (and most budget-friendly) options to consider. 

    Call our Service Department to set up an appointment today! We can be reached at (888) 378-1214. 


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