• The Toyota 4Runner in N Charlotte has an amazing history!


    The 2014 Toyota 4Runner near Charlotte is a pretty impressive SUV. Have you ever wondered what made it into one of the top tough driving choices it is today? 

    At our N Charlotte Toyota dealership, we took at closer at the 30 years of history this new Toyota has. It’s gone through quite a few changes that’s turned it into one of the top off-roading vehicles on the market!

    The N Charlotte Toyota 4Runner is tough and durable!

    This tough Toyota is designed to handle adventure. It’s been no small process to develop it into the top driving choice it is today, though! When the Toyota 4Runner in N Charlotte first became available, it had a few different features to offer drivers. 

    • The first generation of this SUV arrived in the early 1900s, and it was originally designed to appeal to truck drivers! It had two doors, a top that could be removed, and also came with four-wheel drive. Its engine was already pretty impressive with 4-cyl and 2.4L, but it got an upgrade in 1988 with a 3.0L V6 engine!
    • 1989 welcomes the second generation of the N Charlotte Toyota Runner, and it had a few different options that made it more family-friendly, like more interior space and four-doors instead of two.
    • These weren’t the only changes the second generation boasted, though. It also received some more luxury features that helped make the drive even more comfortable, like leather seats, a sunroof, and a CD audio system (which would have been pretty hi-tech at the time!).
    • The third generation arrived around 1995, and it was no-less impressive than the other models! It showed off a whole new design, and drivers definitely appreciated it. After all, it’s sales came close to doubling!
    • It would be hard to think that this tough Toyota SUV could get any better after all these changes, but the fourth generation showed that the best was yet to come! In 2002 even more options became available that showed how powerful and capable this Toyota really could be. With a V8 engine and full-time four-wheel drive to enjoy, drivers had access to 270 hp and 330 lb.-ft. of torque. These additions made the Toyota 4Runner the one of the toughest midsize SUVs of the time!

    The most recent generation (the fifth generation) was produced in 2010 – and the changes weren’t done, yet! With drivers wanting a tough ride that also gave better gas mileage, the V8 engine was replaced with a V6. Now the 2014 Toyota 4Runner offers 17/22 mpg!

    Be ready for any adventure in this tough new Toyota!

    If you want the freedom to go on any road you want – at practically any time – then you can’t go wrong with what this Toyota SUV has to offer! It’s praised for being one of the top off-roading options on the market right now, but still has plenty of features to keep everyone comfortable and at-ease when you’re headed down the highway, too. 

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