• Why does your new Toyota in N Charlotte need car insurance?


    When you get behind the wheel of your new Toyota in N Charlotte, there are several things you need. Your driver’s license, for one. You should also keep your car’s registration handy in case of an accident, and keeping items like your owner’s manual and service records in the glove box isn’t a bad idea either. However, there’s one more thing you should have on hand that’s a non-negotiable – car insurance! 

    Car insurance for your N Charlotte Toyota is essential 

    Some N Charlotte Toyota drivers wonder why they need car insurance for their new Toyota in the first place – it’s just an extra payment every month, so why can’t they take their chances and drive without it? Toyota of N Charlotte is here to explain to you why having it is absolutely essential before you get behind the wheel. Read on! 

    • Buying a new Toyota near Charlotte is a HUGE investment – typically, it’s one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make besides your home. Thus, it’s pretty important to take steps to protect it. If you were to total your car and not have insurance coverage on it, you’d be out of luck – you’re responsible for replacing your own car, or paying for the sometimes extensive repairs that come out of an accident! Car insurance can help save you thousands of dollars! 
    • Car insurance can also help protect you when it comes to medical bills – it may help to cover the costs of both your own and the other party’s should you get into a bad enough accident in your new Toyota. Medical insurance alone won’t always cut it… why not invest in car insurance to give yourself a greater peace of mind? 
    • Having insurance on your new Toyota in N Charlotte is also important because not only does your vehicle get damaged – the other one does too. If you’re not properly insured, you may end up fixing BOTH rides… something that’s sure to take a toll on your finances. 
    • Not to mention, while you may be insured, others may opt out of it (foolish decision, we’re telling you!). Your new Toyota’s car insurance will help protect you if the other driver was not insured, and will help alleviate the bills that often pile up after an accident should the other driver not be able to foot them. 
    • Hey, did we mention that it’s actually illegal to drive in the state of North Carolina (and most others) without car insurance? If you get pulled over or get into an accident, you could be facing things like losing your license or jail time. Not to mention, you can easily be sued by the other party in the accident. 

    Let Toyota of N Charlotte help you figure out what coverage you need! 

    Want more info on insurance and what type of coverage you should get for your new ride? We can help – swing by and see us today! We’re just off I-77 at exit 23 – we’ll see you soon! 

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