• Our N Charlotte Toyota dealership delves into suspension!


    When you purchase a new Toyota near Charlotte, it’s likely that suspension is the last thing on your mind. You’re probably more concerned with things like fuel efficiency, interior space, and style. However, if you’re curious about the performance capabilities of your new Toyota, it’s helpful to have a bit of background knowledge about suspension and how it affects your driving experience! Lucky for you, Toyota of N Charlotte’s Service Center has the answers you need, and you can always drop by in person to have a chat with one of our trained Toyota technicians. Read on! 

    Why is suspension important? 

    Basically, suspension is what keeps you from spilling your McDonald’s coffee all over the place when you’re driving down I-77. Suspension is key to an enjoyable ride and efficient performance; it keeps your N Charlotte Toyota riding smoothly along roads. Without it, you’d undoubtedly feel every single bump, rock, and dip in the road, and your experience would be less than comfortable. Suspension allows your new Toyota to tackle these seemingly small obstacles. 

    Suspension has a few function. First, it makes the most of the friction between your tires and the road so you can maintain grip. It also helps to maximize your steering abilities, as well as ensure a less bumpy ride. It’s located in both the front and rear wheels of your new Toyota, and it minimizes impact on the axles. Suspension comes in two types: dependent and independent. 

    Independent suspension is the type you’ll find on most of our new Toyota in N Charlotte; it’s the most prevalent, and dependent suspension (where the front wheels are connected to one another) is hard to find anymore, as it’s just not practical. Independent suspension means that both front wheels operate independently of one another, allowing for a whole lot of flexibility. From there, there are several different options for you to consider if you’re concerned about the performance capabilities of your new Toyota near Charlotte!

    What type of suspension do you want in your N Charlotte Toyota?

    One of the most common types of independent suspension is the MacPherson Strut, which is a lighter and more compact system. It’s actually found on one of the most popular cars at our NC Toyota dealership – the 2013 Scion FR-S near Charlotte! This suspension allows for the excellent handling that the new Scion FR-S provides, and is a hugely integral part of its performance. It’s also a bit simpler than other types, so less can go wrong with it and it’s less expensive to produce. 

    Another type of independent suspension that’s often seen is double-wishbone suspension. This particular type is great if you want to minimize the swaying and rolling you feel in your vehicle and maximize handling, while allowing you to retain a more consistent steering wheel feel! This type is a bit more complex and allows for more modification and customization, which is perfect for driving enthusiasts who are serious about performance. 

    As you can see, suspension is an integral part of your new Toyota’s performance. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we know some customers get overwhelmed by technical terms and jargon, so we’ve done our very vest to explain it in basic terms. If you have more questions or simply want to know a bit more detail about suspension and how it works, feel free to give our Toyota Service Center a ring at (888) 378-1214. We’re just off I-77 in Huntersville!