• Detail your N Charlotte Toyota like a pro with our tips!


    Cars have a tendency to get really, really dirty – whether it’s from a road trip, a weekend in the mountains, or just day-to-day dust, it can be incredible annoying to climb into your N Charlotte Toyota when it’s not sparkling clean. Not only that, it can actually cause your car to depreciate more quickly and lose value when you don’t keep things tidy. However, our Charlotte auto service center knows just how expensive it can be to get your car detailed (although when you come visit us for service, we’ll hook you up with a car wash). That’s why we’ve got great tips on how you can details your car like a pro! 

    Keep your N Charlotte Toyota in top notch condition! 

    • First things first – deal with the interior. Dirt, sunlight, and every day wear and tear can take a toll on your N Charlotte Toyota’s interior, so make sure you give it a little extra love whenever possible. You should vacuum it out regularly (and yes, you have to take the floor mats out and vacuum those as well). Our auto service center can show you how to properly remove and reinstall them if you have questions! 
    • Don’t ignore the dash or any of the knobs and switches on your gadgets. The sun beats down on the dash of your N Charlotte Toyota all day long, so make sure you utilize a sun shade whenever possible and clean it with mild, non-abrasive cleaners that are meant for that particular type of material so it stays supple and protected. Be careful using glass cleaner on your windows – if you have them professionally tinted, it may damage the tint (you can ask our Toyota auto service center what to use – they can help you find the right product)! You can also use a can of compressed air to get dirt and debris out of all those hard-to-reach places. 
    • Next, take on the exterior of your N Charlotte Toyota! Grab the soap and give your ride a thorough bubble bath, being sure to wash your wheels as well. After it’s nice and dry, apply a coat of wax. You don’t need to apply wax every time you wash – two to three times a year is usually sufficient. Wax will help protect your paint from sun damage, as well as nicks and scratches from dirt and debris. Finally, you can give your tires a little bit of TLC with a glossy polish! 

    Our Charlotte auto service center can give you all the info you need – and even detail your car for you! 

    Want more tips on how you can take good care of your N Charlotte Toyota (and enhance its resale value at the same time)? Give our auto service center a call! You can reach us at (888) 378-1214, and you can even schedule an appointment to have your vehicle detailed by us if you don’t have the time yourself. We’ll see you soon – ask about our auto service specials while you’ve got us on the phone for an opportunity to save money! 

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