• Toyota teams up to take on EV vehicles!


    At Toyota of N Charlotte, we’re proud to supply the Toyota brand to NC drivers. We know we’re part of a company that’s constantly conducting innovative research in safety and environmental sensitivity, and investing large amounts of time and money into making their vehicles the best they can be. Imagine how excited we were when we discovered that Toyota is about to team up with three other automotive giants to delve into the world of EV vehicles even further!

    Electric new Toyota near Charlotte will offer major benefits 

    Right now, the 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in and Toyota RAV4 EV are the only new Toyota near Charlotte that are considered EV; they both provide you with the ability to travel on electricity alone. However, due to a shortage of charging stations in a lot of cities, they’re relatively difficult to find. Toyota is working to take this problem on one country at a time! The titan of automobiles is teaming up with Honda, Nissan, and Mitsubishi to install more EV charging stations in the nation of Japan!

    These four automotive bigwigs will use a blend of government subsidies and their own personal pockets to install more charging stations; as of late, only about 1,700 quick charge stations and 3,000 normal charge stations exist. By putting more EV charging stations out onto the streets, Toyota hopes to up the convenience factor while simultaneously convincing local drivers to go green in an EV vehicle! 

    What are the benefits of driving an EV like the Toyota Prius Plug-in?  

    What’s so great about electric cars, anyways? We haven’t gotten these new Toyota in N Charlotte just yet, but we’re hoping they’ll be on the way soon because their benefits are numerous and impressive. Here are a few of the perks you’ll enjoy if you climb behind the wheel of the new Toyota RAV4 EV or 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-in near Charlotte! 

    • Low, low emissions – the Toyota Prius Plug-in actually has hybrid technology under the hood, because it can only go about eleven miles on a single charge and can’t reach high speeds on electric power. However, this hybrid system cuts way, way down on emissions that form smog. The Toyota RAV4 EV, on the other hand, emits nothing! It runs solely on electric power, which means no smog-forming emissions! 
    • Fuel efficiency – since the Toyota Prius Plug-in runs on both electricity and gasoline, you’ll find yourself having to stop at the gas pump every once in a while if you plan to drive highway roads or hit high speeds. However, this new Toyota offers 50 mpg combined to save you a ton of money! The Toyota RAV4 EV runs on electricity alone, and can travel up to 103 miles on one charge. Just charge it up and hit the road… no gasoline required! 

    Want to learn more about electric new Toyota, or see when the Toyota Prius Plug-in or Toyota RAV4 EV might be headed our way? Come on down to Toyota of N Charlotte or give us a ring at (888) 883-3797 today! 

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