• Toyota near Charlotte cater to senior drivers!


    At Toyota of N Charlotte, we have a huge selection of different vehicles available to our valued customers. We have cars that are perfect for teens, family vehicles that cater to larger passenger loads, sporty sedans that are great for driving aficionados, and more. However, did you know that we also have a great variety of new Toyota near Charlotte that actually cater to senior drivers? It’s not something you’d typically seek out for your day-to-day driving experiences as a younger driver, but there are certain characteristics that make driving that much easier for senior drivers! 

    ConsumerReports.com lists best vehicles for senior drivers

    In fact, ConsumerReports.com recently compiled a list of some of the best vehicles for senior drivers, based on a variety of different factors (for example, sometimes it’s difficult for seniors to climb in and out of the car or turn their head fully to see their blind spot). FOUR of our new Toyota in N Charlotte made the cut, including the: 

    • 2013 Toyota Camry
    • 2013 Toyota Avalon
    • 2013 Toyota RAV4
    • 2013 Toyota Highlander

    What qualities make new Toyota near Charlotte more senior-friendly?

    What makes these new Toyota near Charlotte such adequate options for senior drivers, however? All of them possess important qualities that make this particular type of driving experience easier, more comfortable, and more convenient. You’ll find qualities that cater to: 

    • Driving position: It’s important for senior drivers to be able to get comfortable in the driver’s seat. These four new Toyota offer special adjustable seats so you can tailor your position, and some of them like the N Charlotte Toyota Avalon even have power settings that include memory! 
    • Front-seat comfort: This quality plays into driving position – it’s important for senior drivers to have adequate support in their seats, in addition to comfort no matter how long the drive time. All of the new Toyota on the list definitely deliver! 
    • Access: It has to be easy for senior drivers to climb in and out! If the vehicle is low to the ground or oddly shaped, it can be difficult for drivers to enter and exit if they’re not as flexible or steady. 
    • Controls: Sometimes senior drivers suffer from arthritis, which can make grasping controls and buttons more difficult. It helps if the new Toyota they’re commanding has larger buttons and a thicker steering wheel so they can get a good grip!
    • Visibility: Good visibility is essential to any driver, no matter the age. However, sometimes it’s difficult for senior drivers to crane their heads around to check traffic around them. It helps if their vehicle has good visibility! 

    All of these qualities are important, but no matter how old you are you still want a vehicle that also integrates great safety technology, dependability, and a performance that’s both efficient and enjoyable. You’ll find it all in each and every single one of our cars! 

    Find the perfect car for your driving circumstances – visit our NC Toyota dealership today and take any of our vehicles for a spin! You can give us a ring to set up your test drive at (888) 883-3797! 

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