• Learn how to enhance your N Charlotte Toyota's fuel efficiency!


    Gas prices just can’t seem to cut anyone a break lately – every time drivers head to the pump, it takes a toll on their wallets. Why not take things into your own hands and take proactive steps to enhance your fuel efficiency and lighten the load on your bank account? 

    Check out a new Toyota hybrid for major fuel efficiency! 

    An easy and one-step solution to making the most of your fuel efficiency is to invest in a new Toyota hybrid. These vehicles offer green technology that not only help cut down on smog-forming emissions, but also produce incredible fuel efficiency. In fact, each member of the N Charlotte Toyota Prius family gets over 40mpg! 

    However, maybe you’re not in the market for a new ride and want to makeover the way you maneuver your current vehicle for better fuel efficiency. Let our N Charlotte Toyota dealership help you make the most of your new Toyota and not dread filling up at the pump quite as much! 

    Do your part to make your N Charlotte Toyota more efficient 

    Here are a few simple ways you can enhance your fuel efficiency and start saving money on gas: 

    • Lighten your load! Remember those old textbooks you’ve got in the trunk next to your neighbor’s dumbbells? Get rid of them – the lighter your new Toyota in N Charlotte is, the better fuel efficiency it’ll achieve. (This will also make you clean your car out on a regular basis.
    • Don’t drive like a maniac. Jerky stopping and slamming on the gas isn’t good for your new Toyota anyway, but that type of driving will also cut down on your fuel efficiency pretty noticeably. Easy does it – driving smoothly will pay off! 
    • Check your tires! We probably mention this at least once a week, but you need to always be aware of your tires on your new Toyota near Charlotte. If they’re not properly inflated, it decreases your fuel efficiency by quite a bit (not to mention puts you at risk for blowouts and needing to replace them more often). Don’t forget, your tires will lose some of their PSI when it’s cold out, so you’ll need to check them accordingly!
    • Use cruise control! Using cruise control is always a good idea when you want smooth sailing on the highway, but make sure you use this feature in your new Toyota as often as you can. It helps to increase your fuel efficiency by making sure you maintain a consistent speed. 
    • Plan ahead! Instead of running out five separate times to get all your errands done, try to consolidate it all into one trip with the most efficient route. This will help your Toyota make the most of the fuel it has and save you big bucks! 

    These are just a few tips to help you enhance fuel economy – if you’d like to learn more about how you can utilize the tools your Toyota has to save money at the fuel pumps, stop by Toyota of N Charlotte today! We’re at exit 23 on I-77, and you can always give us a shout at (888) 883-3797! 

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