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    Are you ready to hit the highways in your new Toyota near Charlotte, or trying to teach a first-time driver to tackle them? Highway driving can be intimidating, and there’s not much room for error when you’re traveling at such high speeds. That’s why our N Charlotte Toyota dealership has put together a helpful list of tips to keep you safe when you take on highway driving! Even better, we’ve got new Toyota in N Charlotte that host a bevy of features designed to make your highway travels even easier, such as Bluetooth, cruise control, and more! 

    How should you take on the highway in your new Toyota near Charlotte? 

    Before you even hit the highway, you should ensure that your new Toyota near Charlotte is in good condition. Your tires should be filled, your oil clean and full, and brakes working efficiently – these are just a few things that you want to ensure are taken care of before you hit the road. 

    When it’s time to merge onto the highway, you have to do several things in your Toyota. First of all, be aware of drivers around you – merging lanes can be busy so be aware of other drivers’ movements. Use your turn signal to indicate that you’ll be getting over, and be sure that you’re traveling at a speed that’s conducive to merging. Going too fast or too slow can be problematic and cause an interruption in traffic! 

    Once you’re on highway, be even more aware of your surroundings! If you plan to pass or change lanes, be sure to do so fluidly, using your turn signals to indicate and ensuring that you move quickly enough to avoid a traffic jam but slowly enough to prevent an accident. Don’t forget to check your mirrors in your new Toyota to ensure the path is clear, and also check your blind spots! 

    Another important aspect to remember is that the cruise control found in your new Toyota in N Charlotte is NOT an excuse to go on auto pilot. You still have to pay attention to the cars around you and be ready to react, and you should know what types of conditions permit you to use the feature in the first place. Never use cruise control in heavy traffic or stop-and-start conditions! 

    Are you ready to hop off the highway? Let other drivers know you’re taking your new Toyota near Charlotte to the off-ramp with your turn signals, and then start to slow as soon as you’re ready to hop off. A lot of times you’ll find stop signs or traffic lights at the end of the exits, so you need to be ready to come to a stop accordingly. 

    Explore all of our new Toyota options today! 

    Those are some of our tips on how you can take your Toyota to the highways safely – if you’d like to learn more or take any of our incredible cars out for a spin, give us a call today! We can set up your test drive appointment at (888) 883-3797… and don’t forget to ask about our money-saving Toyota specials! 

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