• Buy or lease your new Toyota near Charlotte?


    When you sit down and think about your next car, you probably think of all the decisions you’ll have to make. Should you choose a new Toyota in N Charlotte? (By the way, the answer is yes.) Which model? Which trim-level? How should you customize it to ensure it meets all of your drive time needs, and most importantly – how are you going to finance it? A lot of our NC Toyota customers come in wanting to know whether they should buy or sign a car lease… and we’re here to help them make an informed decision! 

    Buying and leasing are two very different experiences when it comes to our new Toyota near Charlotte. Both offer specific benefits and perceived downfalls, and we’re going to explore them in order to give you all the information you need to decide which is best suited for you! 

    Leasing your new Toyota near Charlotte

    When you lease a new Toyota in N Charlotte, you’ll find plenty of perks. Here are just a few: 

    • Monthly payments, down payments, and finance rates are usually lower with a car lease. After all, you’re not paying to own the vehicle – you’re just paying for the depreciation. This means you can usually hop into a more expensive ride than you thought!
    • You can swap out your cars more often – when your lease term is up, just bring your car back to the dealership, settle up, and get into the driver’s seat of a new car! 
    • You get free routine maintenance and repairs with a car lease, as well as amazing warranties for peace of mind. 

    There are a few perceived disadvantages, though: 

    • You get a mileage cap, which may make some drivers with long commutes or lots of travel uncomfortable. 
    • You can’t alter the vehicle, as you don’t own it. 

    Buying a new Toyota in N Charlotte

    Car ownership is a big decision, but it has a lot of benefits! Take a look: 

    • You can drive anywhere and everywhere – no mileage caps, as the car is yours to own
    • You can alter, accessorize, and modify your new Toyota however you like as you’re the owner
    • You also get the benefit of equity – you own the car, so you can use the equity towards your next purchase if you trade-in or sell it privately when you’re ready for a new ride! 

    Here are some of the perceived disadvantages of car ownership:

    • It’s not as easy to swap out vehicles as often as you can when you lease, as your vehicle will depreciate as soon as you drive it off the lot
    • You are responsible for all of the maintenance and repairs of your vehicle as its owner!

    Which do you think is the better fit for you? We have skilled finance and sales specialists on hand who can help you figure it out – just swing by Toyota of N Charlotte today with your questions! We’re right off I-77 at exit 23, and we’re open seven days a week! 

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