Dig deep into the history of the N Charlotte Toyota Supra

When you hear the name Toyota Supra, what comes to mind? Chances are that you think of an iconic car that led the way for many other sports cars. Like many things, this Toyota sports car has a humble beginning!

While it may no longer be a part of the prestigious Toyota lineup, it still has a place in our hearts! Let’s take a look at the history of the N Charlotte Toyota Supra and see what this popular ride was all about!

Delve into the history of the Toyota Supra in N Charlotte

This Toyota sports car was a force to be reckoned with right from the beginning! The first generation of this popular ride was introduced to the masses in 1978. This Toyota actually stemmed back from the Toyota Celica, another popular Toyota vehicle! What Toyota basically did was take the Toyota Celica body, they amped up the performance factor and they made a larger body out of it. Check out the different generations of the Toyota Supra:

  • First generation: This version of the N Charlotte Toyota Supra ran from 1978 (1979 in the USA) to 1981. Like we previously mentioned, this car was basically a Toyota Celica with amped up performance. This Toyota had a 2.6L engine that put out 110 horsepower, which was impressive back in the day! This car also had tech-savvy features like power windows, cruise control, and power locks!
  • Second generation: This generation introduced a new and improved version of the Toyota Supra near Charlotte! This car had larger body than its predecessor, a sleek exterior, and pop-up headlights. You could choose two different versions: a performance-driven version (P-type) and a luxury-driven version (L-type)! It ran from 1982 to 1986.
  • Third generation: This was the generation in which we saw a new identity for this Toyota sports car! It was this time in which the Toyota Supra was born (at least by name). In terms of looks, drivers got to see a high-end sports car! In 1987, this N Charlotte Toyota was given a turbocharged model, which made it the first car in the U.S. to get a turbocharged engine!

N Charlotte Toyota Supra has an interesting past

  • Fourth generation: The last generation of this Toyota sports car near Charlotte is probably the most recognizable version of this ride. It offered a turbo model that left other vehicles in the dust! The engine could put out an impressive 320 hp, which cemented this ride as one of the most iconic vehicles of all time!
As you can see, this iconic Toyota has one of the richest histories of any vehicle! While we may not have this ride at our Toyota dealership, we do have the sleek N Charlotte Scion FR-S! Come on down and visit us today at 13429 Statesville Road to find an iconic ride of your own! We can also be reached at 888-883-3797 if you have any questions regarding our vehicles. We look forward to your visit!

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