• Could we see a N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma hybrid soon?


    Are you a fan of our new Toyota trucks near Charlotte? If so, you know how dynamic and tough these vehicles are! However, you know that trucks tend to be less than fuel-efficient. Here at Toyota of N Charlotte, we’ve been hearing some rumors that the Toyota Tacoma near Charlotte could possibly be getting a hybrid version!

    While the N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma is already considered one of the most fuel-efficient trucks available, the hybrid version of this best-selling Toyota truck would get even better fuel efficiency! The fact of the matter is that the Toyota Tundra is set to get a diesel engine in the coming years, so it’s a huge possibility that its smaller sibling, the Toyota Tacoma might just get a hybrid option. Find out why we think that this possibility might soon become a reality for the 2016 model!

    N Charlotte Toyota Tacoma to get hybrid option?

    Torque News, a popular automobile website, was the first to wonder if this new Toyota truck near Charlotte could eventually get a hybrid version. They said that if the Lexus NX 300H can get a hybrid version, why couldn’t this new Toyota truck get the same treatment? 

    The Lexus NX 300H is a new crossover that will be hitting the streets later on this year. This new Lexus will feature a smaller 4-cylinder hybrid engine, as opposed to the 6-cylinder engines that are found in vehicles like the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and the Lexus RX 450H. Torque News continued to report that this engine is strong enough to be used in a new Toyota Tacoma in N Charlotte.

    A Toyota Tacoma hybrid will benefit drivers’ pocketbooks

    If Toyota decides to go ahead and stick a hybrid engine in this best-selling truck, this will benefit drivers in an incredible way! Fuel efficiency will be extremely improved, making it possible to have power AND the fuel efficiency of a hybrid vehicle!

    • One of the biggest selling points of owning a hybrid vehicle is the fact that eco-friendliness will be amplified. Hybrid cars are basically synonymous with eco-sensitivity, so you’ll have complete peace of mind when you’re driving. 
    • While the Toyota Tacoma near Charlotte already gets an impressive 18 mpg in the city and 21 mpg on the highway (some of the highest mpg ratings among trucks), the hybrid could offer mpg ratings in the 30s. As you can see, you’ll be saving tons at the pump!

    However, if you’ll be using this new Toyota truck near Charlotte for strenuous jobs, you might want to consider sticking to the traditional engine Toyota Tacoma. That’s the downside of owning a Toyota hybrid—you’ll have to trade off a bit of power in order to be environment friendly!

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