• Which new Toyota near Charlotte meets your towing needs?



    Whether you’re looking for a tough and durable work truck or just a family-friendly SUV, Toyota of N Charlotte can deliver. We have an unbelievable selection of both new and pre-owned options, and our variety is what makes us such a great choice for all NC Toyota drivers. Did you know that our inventory also includes a ton of choices that are conducive to your towing needs – whatever they may be? Come down and let us help you find the perfect new Toyota near Charlotte for all of your towing requirements today! 

    Which new Toyota in N Charlotte offers the right tow power? 

    Towing can be tricky – you never want to overload your new Toyota with too much weight. This can cause major damage to your vehicle and result in costly repairs. Thus, it’s wise to do research before you purchase a new car to see which one will be best suited to towing a trailer and other cargo. There are a couple of important things to factor into your decision-making process – let’s take a look! 

    • Did you know that even sporty sedans like the 2013 Toyota Corolla near Charlotte can tow? They might only be able to handle lighter loads, but they still have tow power if you’re only looking to haul small amounts of cargo. How much weight will you be pulling behind you? You’ll need to take a look at the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) to ensure the new Toyota you choose can handle your needs – remember, you also have to consider the weight of your passengers, trailer, and trunk cargo, in addition to the cargo you’ll be pulling! 
    • Believe it or not, the choice of front- or wheel-rear drive can also have an effect on your towing experience. If you’re going to be pulling serious weight, then you should probably choose a N Charlotte Toyota with a rear-wheel drive system, as you’ll benefit from the added traction and stability it provides. 
    • What exactly are you going to be towing? If you’re pulling minor cargo behind you, then it’s less of an issue; new Toyota SUV options like the 2013 Toyota 4Runner and Toyota Highlander can usually handle items like flatbed trailers and other minor hauls. However, if you’re going to be hauling serious cargo on a regular basis, a Toyota truck is your best bet! One of the best fits for these needs is the N Charlotte Toyota Tundra – it can tow up to almost 10,000 pounds, and provides you with the proper equipment and power you need to get the job done. This new Toyota also provides a great deal of torque, which gives your truck the get-up-and-go it needs when it’s pulling something heavy. 


    Let our N Charlotte Toyota dealership help you decide! 

    If you need more advice on which new Toyota will suit your towing needs, come down and see us! Our knowledgeable sales specialists can help you pick the right option (and don’t forget to ask them about our phenomenal Toyota specials). We’re just off I-77 at exit 23- see you soon!