• What is a trim-level in your N Charlotte Toyota?


    Sometimes when you’re out shopping for a new car, it can get a little intimidating or overwhelming. Trust us, we know! Not only are there a multitude of dealerships to consider, you also have to factor in questions like: 

    • New or used? 
    • What make?
    • What year?
    • What performance qualities? 
    • Should you add accessories or packages? 
    • How much? 

    There are a lot of questions to ask, and the best way to tackle the entire situation is to do your research beforehand! One thing that we find our customers pondering is which trim-level to choose… but what’s a trim-level, and how does it apply to your new Toyota near Charlotte NC? We’re here to help you figure that out! 

    Why does your N Charlotte Toyota’s trim-level matter? 

    First of all, what is a trim-level? Basically, when you head down to our N Charlotte Toyota dealership to find your new Toyota, you’ll be presented with a number of models. Those models are further divided up into trim-levels. For example, the 2014 Toyota Prius is available in four trim-levels – the One, Two, Three, and Four. Each has different features and accessories woven into it; the higher you ascend, the more you’ll find included in the price. 

    Here are a few more facts about trim-levels when it comes to your new Toyota in N Charlotte

    • All of our new Toyota in N Charlotte start off with a base trim-level; in the case of the Toyota Prius, this would be the One. The higher you go, the more features you’ll find. The price will generally rise as well, as you’re getting more elements included as standard features. 
    • The base trim level generally comes with basic features like air conditioning, power door locks and windows, an AM/FM Radio and CD player, and the Toyota Star Safety System. (However, as the years progress we’re finding that Toyota is including more and more incredible features as standard elements!)
    • Trim-levels remain consistent across the board. Whether you’re shopping for a new Toyota in North Carolina or looking around out in Oregon, you’ll find the same trim-levels across the board. The base trim-level of the Toyota Prius will always be the One. 
    • Trim-levels come in handy because they make it easy to decide what features you want and provide them to you in one efficient package. 
    • The name of the trim-level always comes after the model name. Example – the Toyota (make) Prius (model) One (trim-level). 

    Customize your new Toyota even further 

    You can also take your new Toyota to the next level regardless of which trim-level you choose with our Genuine Toyota Parts and Accessories. They allow you to further customize your ride to better suit your drive time needs! 

    Still not sure which trim-level is going to be the best fit for you? Let us help – we can show you all the options available to you and let you take them out for a spin! Visit Toyota of N Charlotte at 13429 Statesville Road today, and see all of our amazing Toyota for sale!

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