• Is a diesel-powered N Charlotte Toyota Tundra headed our way?


    If you’re a fan of our new Toyota trucks in N Charlotte, you MAY have yet another thing to look forward to… it’s been rumored that Toyota is currently toying with the idea of creating a diesel version of the popular Toyota Tundra! The automotive giant hasn’t forayed into diesel power yet with this truck, yet some drivers are clamoring for the new option. But what makes a N Charlotte Toyota Tundra that’s powered by this particular fuel source such an exceptional option? 

    Believe it or not, fuel efficiency is at the top of the list of reasons why Toyota might make their way into the diesel arena in the upcoming years! It may sound silly – some people insist that the company should look into hybrid trucks for major fuel economy. However, while that research is taking place, it’s difficult to find the perfect balance of eco-friendly hybrid performance and tough, towing durability. That’s why diesel has been put on the table as a possible option! 

    What are the perks of a N Charlotte Toyota Tundra that uses diesel fuel? 

    Let’s take a closer look at why a diesel-powered new Toyota Tundra near Charlotte would be beneficial to our valued customers: 

    • Yes, diesel fuel is more expensive than traditional gasoline, so you’d see a price difference when you went to fill up your new Toyota truck. However, diesel fuel is also denser in terms of energy, so you’ll get better fuel efficiency overall! 
    • Trucks that are the size of the N Charlotte Toyota Tundra are usually rather inefficient when it comes to fuel, so utilizing an uber-efficient diesel engine could help to bump fuel economy and performance up a notch.  
    • When you think about the Toyota Tundra, you think about a powerful performance, right? After all, this iconic Toyota truck did tow the space shuttle Endeavor last year. However, integrating a diesel-powered engine into the mix would take things to yet another level. Diesel engines usually allow for more torque, which is important for both acceleration AND towing power! 
    • Diesel technology is constantly being improved so the engines are becoming more and more popular, and it’s becoming easier to find diesel fuel when you’re out on the road. 

    Would you drive this diesel-powered new Toyota truck? 

    What do you think  - would you shoot for a diesel-powered version of our favorite new Toyota truck? If not, don’t forget you can take the traditional gasoline-powered model out for a spin. You’ll get performance qualities like: 

    The choice between a 4.0L V6, 4.6L V8, or 5.7L V8 engine so you can customize performance capabilities to your own design
    Rear-wheel drive with limited-slip differential, as well as part-time four-wheel drive, Active Traction Control, and other elements that have been integrated to enhance your control when you’re behind the wheel 
    Skid plates, towing hooks in the front, and front and rear mudguards make this tough truck ready for any terrain

    Why not come take it out and see if it’s a fit? We’ll keep you posted on the diesel-powered version and when we might see it here at our NC Toyota dealership, but give us a call for more information! You can reach us seven days a week at (888) 883-3797! 

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