• Toyota of N Charlotte's tips for driving in snow and ice!


    Winter is definitely here – we’ve been feeling it locally in NC! Are you ready for the weather and more importantly… is your car? We can help you get your new Toyota near Charlotte into winter-weather shape at our Toyota Service Center, but after that it’s on you. Do you know how to safely navigate the roads when snow and ice head our way? 

    Do you know how to handle your N Charlotte Toyota on the ice? 

    Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help! We sat down with our sales specialists AND our auto mechanics to get some tips on the best way to approach winter weather when you’re behind the wheel. Even if we don’t see weather extremes this year, these tips will come in handy should you head to colder climes. Here’s how to handle your new Toyota in N Charlotte when the temperatures drop! 

    • The main thing to remember when driving your new Toyota through snow and ice is to take things slowly – EVERYTHING. Be sure to allow extra time to get to your destination, and remember that being late is fine if it means you get there safely! 
    • With that in mind, be sure to drive slowly. You don’t have to meet the speed limit if your new Toyota is hitting snow or ice; it’s acceptable to drive under the speed limit to retain control of your car. This means no slamming on the gas or brakes, either. Every motion should be slow and fluid. 
    • Be sure that you take braking distances into consideration. Your new Toyota near Charlotte may lost traction, so expect that you’ll need extra room to come to a safe, complete stop. Don’t tailgate, either – you won’t have enough room to avoid an accident should you hit a slick patch of road! 
    • Use your headlights to make yourself more visible to other drivers in your new Toyota. You should also use your windshield wipers to keep a clear path of visibility in front of you. 
    • Be sure to take your turns smoothly and slowly as well. Your N Charlotte Toyota may slip a little when you initiate the change in direction, but if you’re moving slowly enough and have control it shouldn’t be an issue! No hard turns. 

    How should you react if you lose control of your new Toyota?

    Let’s say the worst case scenario happens – you hit a patch of ice and feel yourself starting to lose control of your vehicle. Don’t slam on the brakes – that can cause you to slide out even more and start to spin. Keep your steering wheel straight and aimed where you want to go – no jerking it to the side, which will also warrant a collision – and decelerate by taking your foot off of the gas! 

    Remember – it’s better to arrive safe than to be on time. If you feel like the weather is simply too bad, then pull over and wait it out! Visit Toyota of N Charlotte for more tips today – we’re just off I-77 at 13429 Statesville Road in Huntersville!

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